CM Punk says FOX Sports has not reached out yet over WWE Backstage audition

Oct 24, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

With two weeks to go for the official launch of WWE Backstage on FOX Sports 1, former WWE champion CM Punk said that he still has not heard back if he got the job he auditioned for.

Speaking during the My Mom’s Basement podcast on Barstool Sports, Punk detailed his Los Angeles tryout in front of producers and Backstage host Renee Young. He said that the role of an analyst sounds great but he expressed his thoughts to FOX saying that he would not be interested if they forced him to tow the company line if something looked bad.

Punk said that he was already in Los Angeles when FOX called to go in for the audition and while the word going around was that Punk did really well, he’s still in the dark over the outcome.

“I haven’t heard a thing. I was told WWE wasn’t involved…but who knows? It could be why I haven’t heard anything yet,” Punk said.

Punk also said he would be open to the idea of doing something wrestling-related but he just hasn’t been approached properly about it. He joked that he’s not asking someone to come knocking on his door with a dozen of roses for a proposal and said that recently Master P reached out to talk to him over Instagram.

Master P, who was involved in WCW, recently bought the independent promotion House Of Glory.

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