Awesome Kong on AEW’s Full Health Care vs. WWE’s

Oct 23, 2019 - by James Walsh

Speaking with Collider, Awesome Kong discussed AEW’s full healthcare benefits system vs. WWE’s system. During the interview, which you can see below, Kong was specifically asked about the difference between the two health care policies and discussed how WWE’s is primarily for in-ring injuries, while AEW is full health care. 

“Well from my time in WWE, what I understood was, if you got hurt in the ring then that is something they would take care of,” she said. “However, your everyday, just needs, exams, check-ups, whatever, if you have a cold, flu, whatever. That was something that you had to be responsible for. And as an individual, it’s kind of hard to acquire, and expensive to acquire such medical care with the profession we are in, you know? When you have a company like this [AEW] that’s behind you and providing that, that really makes it a lot easier on the pocketbook. And just to have that support of, ‘Hey, these people just don’t see me as this product in a box. They see me as an actual person.’” 
She added, “We had a meeting about concussions, actually. And their approach to it was so — it was full of humanity and putting yourself and your health first. Which for old school people is hard to comprehend, because we’ll literally break our neck. I’ve known people who have broken their neck in the ring and would try to keep going! ‘We’ve got some spots to go! My broken neck, all right. Tape it up and we’ll keep going!’ To have that attitude of care and putting their talent before the bottom line is new for us, and surprising. But appreciated.” 

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