Bret Hart reacts to Kevin Nash & Earl Hebner claiming the Montreal Screwjob was a work

Oct 19, 2019 - by James Walsh

During a recent Inside The Ropes live event, Bret Hart responded to talk about people who believe the Montreal Screwjob was a total work that Hart was in on. You can check out a clip and some highlights below.

Bret Hart on people such as Kevin Nash who think Montreal was a work: “I think anyone that thinks that it was a work is either an idiot, or they’re just trying to provoke a reaction. Clearly, you know, anyone that knows anything about me knows that’s a pretty touchy subject. And I — I went through a lot in my lifetime and the Screwjob is — as I look at it, it was a victory for me. I mean, I got nothing but integrity. And everything I said was true and everything I talk about it — I can name who was in the room when I knocked Vince [McMahon] out. I can mark with an X where everybody sat when it happened and what their reactions were, including Shawn’s [Michaels].”

Hart on how Nash wasn’t there: “All I know is Kevin Nash wasn’t there. You know, if you want to know what really happened at the Screwjob, ask Undertaker. He’s one of the last guys alive that was in the room. You know, you might not get a straight answer from Shawn. Maybe you will. I think you could. But the truth is, I have no reason to lie about anything. And for someone like Kevin Nash or 1-2-3 Kid or any of these guys — like even Earl Hebner now is talking about it was a work. And it’s like, Earl, c’mon. Are you are for real?”

Hart on how he wishes it all was a work: “You know, I wish it was a work. I wish that we’d planned it all out, and that I would come back 10 years later when I’m old and wrestle Vince McMahon and beat him with a chair. You know, I wish I had that much foresight, so we could plan and book this stuff so far in advance. But it’s clearly a stupid thought.”

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