Is PAC Done with AEW? Headed to Rev Pro in the UK

Oct 18, 2019 - by James Walsh

Revolution Pro has announced that AEW’s PAC is the final entrant in this year’s British J Cup tournament. You can check out the announcement below.

The other entrants for this year’s tournament include Senza Volto, Robbie Eagles, Amazing Red, 2018 winner El Phantasmo, Barbaro Cavernario, Michael Oku, Rocky Romero. The eight-man tournament will be held at the York Hall in London, England. The event is scheduled for Sunday, November 24.

The final entrant in the Third Annual British J Cup is PAC


— Revolution Pro

Now, some have posted to us on social media that PAC is “done” with AEW now and that is why he took a pinfall loss on Dynamite – Not something he does often. We’ve not heard anything to substantiate that. But, keep that in mind as the next few weeks go by. PAC was supposed to face Jon Moxley next week on Dynamite.

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