Is AEW trying to lure Edge?

Oct 18, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Dave Meltzer had more on Edge signing a new contract with WWE and possibly wrestling again. Many backstage feel AEW made an attempt to sign Edge. Here’s what Meltzer had to say:

“I do not know that he negotiated with AEW. I know that WWE thinks he negotiated with them. I think he probably did, but I don’t know that like I said.”

PWInsider added to the story saying that Edge was in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and he was flown there by WWE. Edge claims he was there on business BUT usually, when wrestlers are flown into Pittsburgh, it’s because they have been scheduled to see Dr. Joseph Maroon, the head of WWE’s medical team. Maroon would be the doctor to make the final determination on if he can be cleared to return to the ring.

Edge has denied all this in a tweet but he could just be deflecting. Only time will tell if he’ll be returning to a WWE ring.

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