Konnan on LAX in AEW: “I was originally supposed to do something with them”

Oct 16, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Santana and Ortiz joined Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle faction shortly upon debuting in AEW.

Recently on the “Keepin it 100” podcast, Konnan was asked about potentially joining the former members of LAX in All Elite Wrestling. According to Konnan, it had originally been discussed that he would come in with Santana and Ortiz but ultimately the decision was made to put them in Chris Jericho’s new faction.

“I was originally supposed to do something with them and then they went with Jericho,” Konnan said. “We’re still talking about some stuff.”
Konnan continued to talk about the success of the LAX gimmick.
“As for LAX, both versions have been great. I’d have to find the right people to do it again. I was very fortunate that the first time we had great chemistry with Hernandez and Homicide, and then the second time with Santana and Ortiz and for a little while, Diamante. I’m going to be doing like a new character which will be kind of based on the LAX character in Impact.”

Disco Inferno then suggested that he and Juventud Guerrera join Konnan in the new LAX but Konnan did not respond positively to this.


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