Over 1.5 million viewers don’t come back as wrestling’s four big shows fail to keep their audience

Oct 13, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

After a combined audience of 8,738,000 viewers last week watching the season premiere of Raw, NXT, the premiere of Dynamite on TNT, and Smackdown’s premiere on FOX, the wrestling audience this week took a combined hit of over a million and a half viewers as none of the four shows managed to retain its audience a week later.

This week, 7,162,000 viewers tuned in to watch Raw, NXT, Dynamite, and Smackdown, a total of 1,576,000 viewers less than last week.

Smackdown suffered the biggest hit of them all with a 25% drop in viewership, going from a high of 3,869,000 viewers last week to just 2,898,000 this week. AEW’s Dynamite was the second biggest loser in terms of viewership, shedding 20% of its audience when also factoring in the TruTV viewership in the total number. Dynamite had 1,409,000 viewers for its premiere but 1,140,000 viewers tuned in this week across TNT and TruTV. NXT lost 101,000 viewers, going from 891,000 to 790,000 viewers while Raw had the least bleed in terms of eyeballs, with a 10% loss going from 2,569,000 viewers for the season premiere to 2,334,000 for the post-PPV show, which probably helped the numbers.

While Smackdown was the biggest loser in terms of audience drop, it was also the winner as the show still had over half a million viewers more than Raw and for the second week in a row, it beat Raw in the ratings, something that never happened until the show moved to FOX.

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