Carmella on Receiving Death Threats After Cory Graves’ Ex-Wife Accused Her of Breaking Up Their Marriage

Oct 10, 2019 - by James Walsh

During this week’s episode of Total Divas, the show addressed Carmella getting into a relationship with WWE announcer and former NXT Superstar Corey Graves. The two confirmed rumors that they were in a romantic relationship earlier this summer. In February, Graves’ estranged wife Amy Polinsky accused Graves of having an affair with Carmella, causing negative backlash on social media for the two WWE talents. This week’s Season 9 episode dealt with the drama surrounding their relationship and the social media backlash that followed after Polinsky accused Carmella of breaking up their marriage in an Instagram post.

Earlier in the episode, Carmella revealed to Sonya Deville that she had started dating Corey Graves. In a confessional segment, Carmella stated, “Corey is funny and silly and we’ve been dating for about a month or two now. He’s such a romantic.” She told Deville, “So, he’s in the process of getting. He and his wife, or whatever you want to call her, have been separated for a while. He moved out, they don’t live together, like none of that. I even had anxiety — the thought of even entertaining the idea of like dating him.”

She added in another confessional, “When Corey and I started dating, he was already going through a divorce and he’d moved out. He has his own place. She has hers, and man, I mean, there’s really nothing else to say about it.” Asking Sonya Deville about the relationship, she said, “And it’s just like, do I walk away from this new thing that like could be really good because people are gonna judge me, and I try not to think like that?” Deville encouraged her to pursue the relationship if she can see herself spending the rest of her life with Graves.

Later in the episode, Carmella discussed how Amy Polinsky accused Graves and Carmella of having an affair and the social media backlash that followed. Carmella discussed finding out about the news. She stated, “Suddenly, I’m on Instagram and I get tagged in a post saying that we had this affair, accusing me of being the one that broke up a family. Now, the entire world thinks I’m a homewrecker.”

She added how she felt about being subject of the backlash. Carmella stated during the episode, “I’m uncomfortable. I feel like everyone is staring at me. I feel like everyone is judging me.” Later on she added during a confessional segment, “It’s crazy that they’re coming after me, but for him, it’s like, ‘Oh, cool. Corey Graves got with Carmella. Good for him. And it’s like, ‘Carmella. You’re a whore.’”

Later on, Carmella spoke to Corey Graves on what happened on how his estranged wife posted about their relationship on social media. An upset Carmella revealed to Graves that she was receiving death threats (h/t E! Online), “Why the f*** would she go on social media and put that out there? I’m not kidding. This is not OK. I’m not OK right now. Literally, I’m getting death threats.”

Graves revealed to Carmella that he admitted to Polinsky that he was dating Carmella. He stated, “She asked me about your name and I was like, ‘Yeah! I’ve been seeing her.’ I don’t know what the hell she thinks happened or what she wants it to be.”

Carmella added on how hard it was to deal with the situation. The former Smackdown women’s champion stated, “It’s like the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I don’t even know how to deal with it because I’ve never been through anything like this. All I know is like, I love him and he loves me and we’re happy and I didn’t do anything wrong.”

She added how she felt about the relationship gossip getting out around the time of WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 last February. In the match, Carmella teamed up with Naomi in a losing effort in an Elimination Chamber match to crown the new WWE women’s tag team champions. Carmella stated, “All this stuff is happening. I’m embarrassed. I’m upset, but the show must go on because that’s what happens in WWE. It’s always onto the next thing.”

Below are some clips of Carmella dealing with her relationship with Corey Graves on this week’s episode.

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