Chelsea Green was fortunate she didn’t have to sign a Lucha Underground contract

Oct 6, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly, Chelsea Green spoke about why she wasn’t tied down to a Lucha Underground contract like so many other wrestlers were when the promotion didn’t return for a fifth season. Here are highlights:

On her Lucha Underground experience: “So, I got really lucky and I didn’t have to sign a contract. I wasn’t willing to do, I wasn’t willing to sign my life away. I was 27 years old and I didn’t want to sign a 3-7 year deal and that’s what I was being offered. I felt so lucky because I kept jumping back and forth in my head, “Do I do it or do I not?”. Any girl in the wrestling industry would jump at that opportunity but I knew that there was something else around the corner for me and I wanted to wait. So I went in there essentially I did two weeks and that was it… I knew in my heart that I’m set… I’m going to take all the opportunities I can get in 2018 and I’m not going to jump on anything that I’ve done in the past.”

On how she found out about her four corners match at All In: “The funny thing is obviously I don’t want to say that I get anything because of the person I’m with but Matt and Cody are best friends. I was in a really really weird situation where I wanted got opportunity so badly but I didn’t want to ask and have him and make him feel like he had to because Matt was his best friend. I just kept waiting and waiting once a month I would just say “hey, I want to be a part of All-in if there’s any opportunities that come up, I would love to be a part of it. I just kept planting seeds here and there. I remember they were just about to announce the women’s match and Cody texted me and we hadn’t had a conversations about if you’re going to be on the show, nothing… text me a promo photo so when I announce that you’re in the match I can put a picture with it…I remember where I was driving. I was down the road and looked at my phone. OMG, trying to find promo photos… he didn’t really tell me he didn’t really ask me. Just kind of did it. Our goal was going into it. We went into and we were like going balls to the walls no matter what. I knew Tessa, Britt was like that but we didn’t really spoken to Madison all that much about it yet…. I was like we are going to have to get Madison on board but she was on the same train. When we wall met the night before and chatted about it and had some wine it all kind of together and I can’t even tell you the way that crowd treated us. I feel like we gave something to the crowd but the crowd gave so much to us because they reacted to everything single thing that we had hoped they’d react to but tenfold, like so much better than I could have imagined. We did go in there thinking everyone is bowing down to these WWE girls but we need to show them that we can do the same thing, we just aren’t on the same platform but this is our platform, so we have to do this. Now, we have to walk the walk. There was alot of pressure…. We were standing backstage in the bathroom backstage…. At one point, we were like, we’re about to go out there and do the biggest and best show that we’ve ever been or possibly will ever be in. It was such a crazy moment….. It didn’t matter who won or who lost. NOne of us cared. We all planned the match and we didn’t plan a finish and we waited and waited. We got the finish that day. We were so excited to do this and it was us four and everything went off without a hitch.”

On her NXT announcement: “I knew that All-In would be my last indie match. I couldn’t tell anyone so I told a few people but I really just wanted to let everyone know and in the crowd but I obviously couldn’t I was contacted around the summer kind of around July or whenever the Mae Young classic was. We were hoping I would be signed for the Mae Young classic but I was having visa issues. It just wasn’t happening. The Canadian coming into America thing was very difficult, end of September i was having visa issues. That process takes such a long time… already started in the summer but we have to keep pushing my start dates like three times. I started in October but was starting to start earlier than that. There’s a few things I can’t get out of so I can’t start before October 1st.”

On her first day at the WWE Performance Center: “So that was the beginning October first week, around the 6th or the 7th OMG, I was so nervous. I was so nervous because I felt like you know just coming of All-In. I didn’t have a target on my back but I really had to perform. Because I just had this amazing match and we are doing all of these new drills and things I don’t know how to do really…. All I could do was try my best. The first day at the performance center they put me straight into a class and straight into training. No orientation, nothing, and I was the only girl starting that day.”

On her recent engagement to Zack Ryder: “I knew it was coming, one cause Matt cannot keep a secret and he can’t lie. He’s very terrible at that. I don’t blame him because I tell him everything. It’s really hard to keep that secret. I did not know it was coming that night on my birthday. I was very surprised. But I already bullied him out of it and I knew he had a ring…. It was so bad but… I bullied it out of him twice, the first time when he was going to look at the ring. I came home and he was not in work-out clothes and him and I always in work-out clothes and he was in jeans and a t-shirt. “Where are you going? I’m just going to run errands, why are you running errands in jeans and a t-shirt? When have you ever done that? And I was being so sassy, and he was like, “I’m going to look at rings!” So the next day we went together to look at rings.”

On who she wants to feud with first in WWE: “Someone I want to work in the locker room here, would be Rhea Ripley. I’ve never worked her. She’s so strong. She can base. She can do it all. I really think she’s going to be the next big thing.”

On what she will do first once she’s cleared in WWE: “I think I just want to get back in the ring in the Florida shows and just get back into my routine and my groove. I don’t want to jump the gun on anything…. You got to get back, it’s like dancing or riding a bike. You take a little time off…You have to get back on the bike, get going before you’re going fast and doing jumps… I want to do that… I want to get confident again. That usually takes me two matches and I feel back to myself. The pressure is on at NXT and I I want to make sure and I don’t want to you know say I can perform at this level when I’m only at this level.”

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