Tony Khan Says Jon Moxley Is Still Getting Healthcare Through WWE

Oct 4, 2019 - by James Walsh

During the post-AEW Dynamite media scrum, Tony Khan discussed healthcare and mentioned that Jon Moxley is still getting his through WWE. Wrestling Inc reports that Khan talked about which roster members are getting health insurance and revealed that Moxley is getting his as the spouse of Renee Young, who is still with WWE. 

“Of the people you saw tonight, a large percentage of them are insured with AEW because they work full-time for AEW,” he said. “This is my fifth show I’ve done in 2019 and most people haven’t been on all five shows. Of the people that have been on all five shows, most of them are full-time and have full-time benefits.” 

He continued, “Jon Moxley actually does get healthcare but he gets it through his wife who is a full-time employee elsewhere. But Kenny [Omega] does get healthcare and is a full-time employee as are a lot of people. Kenny is a part of my office and he works a full-time job. There’s other people like Britt Baker who’s full-time job is a dentist and she’s come in and wrestle I wanna say four of the five shows.” 

Khan noted that several positions in the front office have been given to talent so they have full-time jobs and benefits, adding, “But there are some people here who have come in and only done a couple of spots this year that are not classified as full-time employees…it’s a complicated answer.”

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