AEW News and Notes

Oct 3, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Tony Khan Said The following in the AEW Post media show…

Jake Hager has been signed since before All Out

the Dark Matches will be aired somewhere for free online for everybody

Hoping that indy Talent and others saw Tonights show and wants to work for AEW moving forward

Glad that AEW road to TNT special was huge (over 600k watched) and hoping tomorrow for the ratings to be even bigger

All AWE talent Are covered (Insured) and get benefits From Him except Jon Moxley who gets it free from his wife Renee Young who Works Elsewhere (WWE)….

When asked about nxt going over 15 mins Will AEW Do it or get a 3rd hour he said that’s not up to him but as his roster grows they will think of something to feature them all

Regarding a Sports center type Show for AEW he said he may not be behind the whole thing but maybe something similar but different

Currently Awesome Kong is a coach but expect to see her again later

Tony said he open to doing a cross over with GLOW

Unlike Eric Bischoff he didnt have NXT on a separate video feed behind the show watching them and what they did tonight but says he will watch nxt on USA later tonight or tomorrow.

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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