10/3/19 WWE NXT UK Results

Oct 3, 2019 - by Michael Riba

1. Piper Niven defeated Isla Dawn

Ilja Dragunov says he is still not medically cleared, so he still can’t fight tonight. Alexander Wolfe walks up and says it’s a shame Dragunov isn’t cleared. Wolfe tells Dragunov to take a rest, because he will take his place. He tells Dragunov to think about his future and walks away.

A vignette for The Hunt airs. The duo returns to action next week.

Niven is backstage. She says she has another win under her belt, so what’s on her mind now is Kay Lee Ray. Jinny interrupts and says she is the next NXT UK Women’s Champion, and then Jazzy Gabert attacks Niven from behind.

2. Alexander Wolfe defeated Saxon Huxley

Ashton Smith has an interview, but he is interrupted by James Drake and Zack Gibson. They run him down for a bit, but he jokes about them losing the NXT UK Tag Team Championship. Gibson says they are still the best tag team and tells Smith to change his tone. Smith says he will find a partner and challenges them to a match.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang drag Jack Starz out during his entrance to show that they beat him down backstage. Mike Bird is already in the ring, and they beat him down as well. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster rush the ring, but so does Joe Coffey and Gallus beats Andrews and Webster down as well.

It is announced that Gabert and Niven will go one-on-one next week.

3. Kay Lee Ray defeated Tegan Nox

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