Paul Heyman Foreshadows Cain Velasquez Joining WWE on RAW?

Oct 1, 2019 - by James Walsh

Was last night’s Paul Heyman promo meant to be a way to seed in another former UFC champion coming into WWE? During last night’s Raw season premiere, Heyman apologized on behalf of Brock Lesnar for what happened to Dominick and Rey Mysterio. However, he said that the fans and WWE should blame Vince McMahon and not Lesnar because it was McMahon who scheduled Lesnar for last night’s Raw season premiere. During the promo, Heyman talked about “wannabe tough guys” in MMA, WWE, and outside of WWE who can’t do anything about Brock Lesnar. According to Meltzer on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, that promo was meant to be a setup to possibly bring in Cain Velasquez. During the promo, Heyman said the following: 

“This Friday night, there’s a lot of wannabe tough guys in WWE. There’s a lot of wannabe tough guys in this industry outside of WWE. There’s a lot of wannabe tough guys in mixed martial arts! There’s a lot of wannabe tough guys in professional sports, and not one of them can do a damn thing about what Brock Lesnar did to Rey Mysterio tonight. And not one of them can do a damn thing about what Brock Lesnar’s going to do this Friday on the Smackdown premiere on Fox to Kofi Kingston.” 

As previously reported, the former UFC heavyweight champion is said to be in “Serious talks” with WWE. Velasquez and Lesnar do have preexisting experience together in the realm of MMA. At UFC 121 in October 2010, Velasquez defeated Lesnar by knockout in the first round to capture the UFC heavyweight title. 

Based on Meltzer’s comments, logic would dictate that Cain Velasquez would be one of those so-called “wannabe tough guys” who could and has done something about Lesnar in the past. Except this time, it would be in a WWE ring, and Velasquez would be getting revenge on behalf of Rey Mysterio and his son. However, per Meltzer, Velasquez still isn’t signed to WWE yet, though, he wasn’t specifically referenced last night. 

Velasquez has not yet officially retired or walked away from MMA yet. He’s still currently under UFC contract, but he’s being allowed to make wrestling appearances. Currently, he’s scheduled to wrestle at AAA’s Invading LA on October 13. 

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