CM Punk Responds to WWE Rumors

Oct 1, 2019 - by James Walsh

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk appeared on The Kevin & Bean Show today to promote the LA premiere of his new film The Girl on the Third Floor. During the show, Punk was asked about the recent rumors of his meeting with FOX Sports to potentially join the new FS1 WWE studio news show, WWE Backstage (via 

During the show, when the hosts asked him about Smackdown premiering on Fox later this week, Punk replied, “When is SmackDown, is that tonight?” The WrestlingInc. report notes that when Punk was asked about trying out for WWE Backstage on FS1, Punk joked in response, “You mean to tell me you’d watch a show where I talk about wrestling?” 

Regarding the rumors of him working on the show, Punk reportedly stated, “I think people have… it’s taken on a life of its own.” Punk is said to have downplayed a role on the show, but he did compliment the work of Renee Young. 

Also, Punk was asked about The Rock appearing on Smackdown Live this Friday. It was noted how The Rock once called CM Punk live following Raw in February 2017 when WWE was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles (You can read more about that RIGHT HERE). 

Punk stated on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, “I enjoy The Rock, I do. And I’m not trying to put this out… gee, hopefully people don’t do this, but do you remember the last time The Rock was in the Staples Center?” He added jokingly that The Rock should call him Friday night when he will be at Smackdown in LA. He stated, Let’s do it again. When is this show, next Friday? Dwayne, call me Friday.” 

Later during hte interview, Punk said wrestling has not really been on his mind for the last seven years. He added that he doesn’t follow the rumors because he finds social media to be a “negative cesspool,” and that it becomes a whole new “7th level of hell” when pro wrestling is thrown into that volatile mix. 

Punk added, “If nothing happens, please don’t be mad at me.” When he was asked about how fans still chant his names at 
WWE event, Punk was happy about it, saying, “I love it. How can you not love it?” 

Additionally, Punk sounded open to writing a book or autobiography, since he does have a lot of stories he can share. He stated it’s a “possibility” once he sheds his “frivolous lawsuits.” Punk went on, “It’s a possibility. After I shed these frivolous lawsuits and come out victorious in both, I realized I do have a lot of stories that are fairly ridiculous, that I think the public should probably read.” 

Finally, Punk stated the following on how he misses the art of performing and doesn’t actually miss wrestling: 

“I don’t miss wrestling, no. I guess maybe if I missed anything it would be performing, because there very much is a rush to your music hitting and going out, to be able to read a crowd and give them what you think they want, and not necessarily give the crowd what they want because as a performer, you almost have to be objective. … I always appreciated and enjoyed [telling a story].”

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