Kevin Sullivan Says Goodbye to Impact Wrestling

Sep 28, 2019 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, Impact Wrestling VP of Production Kevin Sullivan is exiting the company and heading to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Sullivan shared a tweet this week saying goodbye to the promotion. You can check out his tweet and statement below. 

Sullivan wrote, “Thank you @IMPACTWRESTLING I will remember the stories we told and the people we touched. The memories will last a lifetime. The friendships will last forever.” 

According to the initial report, a select few were said to be leaving with Sullivan for AEW. A later report stated that Sullivan’s own TV production company Kevin Sully TV (KSTV), which did a great deal of the TV production for Impact, was not able to secure a long-term contract with Impact parent company Anthem Media. Per the rumor, KSTV secured a long-term contract with AEW. This apparently left Anthem and Impact scrambling to outsource their production work to a local producer in Tennessee. 

The report stated that KSTV provided services of editors, graphic artists, sound engineers, video producers, voice-over studios and more for Impact. Additional work KSTV reportedly provided for Impact Wrestling was assembling weekly programming for domestic and international distribution. 

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