Cody Says AEW’s TV Show Was Almost Called Revolution

Sep 28, 2019 - by James Walsh

Cody and Brandi Rhodes spoke with Pro Wrestling Sheet for a new interview discussing the launch of AEW Dynamite next week and more. Highlights and the video are below:

On the AEW Dynamite name: “We tested other names. My favorite of the other names was Revolution, because they kept using the trailer where I was saying revolution. So it was a selfish choice and I knew it was a selfish choice. And Matt Jackson, who I love dearly, just kept saying ‘I hate it. I hate it’ … Tony had in his mind Dynamite from a young age. I was always fine with Dynamite, but when I heard his explanation on it, about how it’s got a bit of a retro-feel to it and he wanted to reboot wrestling, retro-feel means also when everybody was watching wrestling, and I thought ‘yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense.’ And I’ve liked it ever since.”

Brandi on wanting to get more women working behind the scenes: “One thing that I’ve wanted to see change in wrestling, because wrestling seems to be slower than everything else that I know in entertainment, as far as progressive — and I’m not sure why that is — but women behind the scenes in wrestling don’t really exist. So this role is paramount for that reason in that that showcases that there’s another one of us that are existing, and making decisions, and being pinnacle parts of the building of a company. There should be more. There are a lot more smart women that are involved in the wrestling business, as wrestlers or people who want to be involved behind the scenes, that want to have executive roles. I want to see that start to change and I want to see that start to change much more rapidly. But, here’s what I have to say. Ladies. We can’t eat our own,” she added. “If we’re always eating our own, we’re not gonna make progress. If myself, or some of the other women that are currently in wrestling in executive roles, aren’t your favorite … that’s ok. Don’t beat that to a pulp where nobody wants to hear it. Just keep working towards what you do want to see and that’s the way that we overcome these things.”

Cody on what he wants to change: “We’re approaching this from a very sports-centric approach. The league itself. The standings. The wins and losses mattering. The titles holding a lot of stake. If you look at other sports, African Americans are dominating in sports. Dominating in the NBA. Dominating the NFL. How come that hasn’t made its way to wrestling? If that makes any sense. Just something I noticed the other night and I’m thinking to myself, ‘We don’t just want to check a box. They’re out there.’ And right away I thought, I’m so happy that we have a guy like Scorpio Sky who is an absolute stud of an athlete. My beautiful wife. We have Kia (Awesome Kong). Ya know? I just think it’s important that because wrestling was a certain way doesn’t mean it always has to be that way forever. It is changing and there’s so many loud voices that try to get it from changing, but it’s going to change. It’s changed from when Harley Race was the first guy taking a back drop in St. Louis to now. It’s gonna change. They were mad at Harley Race then and they’re mad at Private Party for doing high spots now, but it’s gonna change and we have to be ready for that. The audience is changing. The product is changing.”

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