Glenn Jacob’s Explains The Original Name & Gimmick For Kane Character

Sep 25, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Believe it or Not WWE executive Bruce Prichard came up with the Kane character.

“In spit-balling, a lot of times as you’re going through creative, you throw out some wild ideas and you start telling stories — maybe to convince yourself and to convince everybody else in the room,” Prichard said in the documentary. “And I got on a roll.”

Prichard posed the question: “Hey, what if The Undertaker had a brother — no one knew about this brother — and his name was Kane?”

The idea was approved, but the name was nearly changed.

“I remember they wanted, initially, to name the character Inferno,” Jacobs said. “Which, I was like: ‘Inferno? That ain’t good at all.’ ”

Jacobs envisioned the Kane character to be a “deranged” killer similar to Michael Myers or Jason, he said.

Initial sketches of the character appeared more like a superhero, though, which confused Jacobs at first.

But when McMahon began explaining the costume, Jacobs said, he realized his boss was a “genius.”

“Kane has been scarred so his ego has been shattered, so he’s overcompensating for the shattered ego by becoming a superhero,”

Jacobs recalled McMahon explaining to him. “I was like: ‘I never thought about that. It sounds good to me.’ ”

Essentially, McMahon wanted everything about Kane to be “cool,” Jacobs said and

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