Following backlash, Lacey Evans clears up the air over traffic stop video

Sep 23, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

After a big backlash over her video with the police officer in Edmonton following a traffic stop, WWE Superstar Lacey Evans issued an out-of-character statement to explain what really happened and how the video was created to promote the local live event.

“As prior law enforcement myself and a United States Marine, I do not condone, agree with, or promote disrespecting or making LEO’s jobs harder than they already are,” the statement starts. “The video was created by both parties to promote the local live event taking place in the Edmonton area.”

The video was obviously staged as no police officer would agree to be verbally abused by someone like that in real life but many fans and non-wrestling fans did not see the entertainment part of it.

“As a sports entertainer, it’s my job to not only entertain but also set the proper example. So with that being said…I’m glad you all were entertained but if you ever try to honestly disrespect or put my brother and sisters in blue in harm…I hope you get what you ask for.”

The statement, which included, “PSA. Listen up ya nasties” as the tweet, was signed Sgt. Estrella, her rank and real name.

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