Update on “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobs

Sep 22, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Fred Jung posted on Facebook..

Hello, just wanted to give everyone a quick update on how things are going for Brian.

First, Brian wants to thank all of you have taken your time to send him well wishes and help with your donations. This wasn’t easy for him to do. None of us want to be in a position where they need help, but all of you have done so much and have raised his spirits beyond anything he could have imagined.

Your support has helped to give him even more motivation to get back on his feet (literally and figuratively) and get back to providing the type of entertainment we’ve all come to know and love.

This was just a little bump in the road and all of you have done so much to get him over that bump. Amazingly, we are over half-way to the goal moneywise, but in the support you’ve shown, we’ve all been blown away.

Brian is not going to forget what all of you have done.

Keep up the wishes and please share this page. We’ll have more updates for you soon.


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