A review of the latest Funko WWE figures

Sep 22, 2019 - by staff

by Adam Stephen Kelly

Summer may now be in the rearview mirror, but Funko is keeping things red hot with its sizzling summer wave of WWE Pop! figures. The latest batch – the tenth in the WWE series – comprises an excellent mix of Superstars past and present. Thanks to Funko, we got our hands on the complete set.

Becky Lynch (The Man)

SummerSlam 2018 will perhaps best be remembered as the night when Becky Lynch took it to the next level and finally came into her own. Assaulting Charlotte Flair after their Triple Threat battle for the SmackDown Women’s Championship (also featuring Carmella), the era of The Man was born, skyrocketing Lynch overnight into one of the most popular Superstars in WWE today.

It’s quite astonishing how quickly Funko reacted to Lynch’s new persona, unveiling this Amazon-exclusive Pop! figure for pre-order early this year. It instantly became one of the retailer’s hottest-selling items, so there’s no doubt that this will be the most sought-after product in the line. And it’s not hard to see why, as – Lynch’s popularity aside – this is a Pop! that really stands out on its own, thanks to a badass devil’s horns pose that is as bold as her signature black shirt. To top it off, there are some great finer details like the various colours on her sneakers.

Becky Lynch

You’ve heard of Becky Two Belts, but this wave of Funko figures is very much Becky Two Pop!s. In addition to Lynch’s The Man street gear figure, this line-up also includes a non-retailer-exclusive ring gear version of the Irish Superstar as well. This one has a lot of detail and texture to it, from her studded top, right down to there even being a slight rip in her leggings. Talk about attention to detail. Both Lynch Pop!s in this set are great in their own right, so it’s well worth picking them up.

Looking to the future, releasing another little vinyl Lynch may be overkill (at least for a while), but I wouldn’t say no to a Pop! that’s clad in her Kill Bill-inspired gear that she wore around WrestleMania season.

The Undertaker

Studs seem to be a bit of a theme with this wave of WWE Pop!s, as this – The Undertaker’s second mainline Funko incarnation – is absolutely covered in them. Decked out in his hooded executioner’s robe that he’s worn a number of times over the last several years, this is a figure with an impressive amount of texture to it.

With his hands in mid-raise and his eyes rolled over white, this figure depicts the legendary Deadman in the middle of his grand entrance, when he eerily signals the beaming of the arena’s lights from atop the ring steps.

This is a surprisingly weighty figure and seems to owe its heft to the mould of the robe. This doesn’t result in a top-heavy Pop!, however, as the bottom of the robe also acts as a base, so it doesn’t have any issues standing.

With three decades worth of gimmicks and drastically different looks to choose from, Funko certainly has its hands full with potential future Undertaker Pop!s. How about a 1991 grey gloves and boots ‘Taker? Or what about purple?

Trish Stratus

Perhaps the weakest of the set, WWE Hall of Famer – and recent SummerSlam competitor – Trish Stratus finds herself immortalised in vinyl in her very own Funko! Pop. While it’s an accurate effort in terms of likeness, the rather plain nature of her ring gear doesn’t exactly make this Pop!… well, pop. If the leggings didn’t feature the 100% Stratusfaction logo, it’d be difficult to decipher just who this figure is meant to be.


This figure is another great example of the small but effective details that Funko Pop!s boast these days. They’re getting better and better, and have come quite a way since the earliest figures, which, in retrospect, weren’t all that long ago. Despite the stylised big heads of Funko’s premiere product line, it’s almost amusing just how accurate – or perhaps identifiable would be a better word – the facial likenesses often are. This may not be the best of them, but to be honest, with the length of Elias’ hair and beard, he doesn’t ever show a whole lot of face!

This is a Pop! where the body does all the talking. His gear looks great, right down to his wrist wraps and scarf, and it really would have been a wasted opportunity if he wasn’t wielding his infamous guitar.

Bret Hart

This, the second Bret Hart Pop! figure that Funko has given us so far, is my personal favourite of the bunch. Featuring the Hitman’s famous leather jacket, black top and pink tights (the original figure had the reverse colour scheme), this is a completely new sculpt. With his signature pose, this is a massive improvement over the rather generic pose that the previous Pop! had by comparison. Again, this mini Bret boasts some fantastic and very fine details, from accurate paintwork on the tights, to silver epaulettes on the jacket. Oh, and yes, there are even more studs!

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