Triple H Talks About A Possible Second Singles Title For NXT UK

Sep 21, 2019 - by James Walsh

During a media call to promo NXT, Triple H spoke about the possibility of a second singles title getting introduced for the NXT UK brand. Here are highlights: 

On a second singles title for NXT UK: “One: I don’t like the term ‘mid-card title’. I feel like why don’t you just call it ‘the title that you aren’t good enough to get to the other one, you take that one’? It sounds terrible. But these brands are constantly growing and they’re constantly being evaluated for what’s needed. I don’t see the need for [an additional singles title] at this time. I know that’s been speculated a lot about because, I don’t know, somebody put the idea on the internet, I think, and then everybody just ran with it. I don’t necessarily see it at this time but I’m also not opposed to it, and maybe very shortly down the line, that is an opportunity. I think it just depends on how it moves forward and where the brand goes. You want to make sure that you have enough talent and you want to make sure that they have opportunities, that everything means something, and that you don’t just have a championship for the sake of having a championship but it really doesn’t mean anything. If it gets confusing and there’s just too many, then that doesn’t do any good either. So, it’s a constant evaluation process but right now. While we have thought about it, it’s not necessarily in the works.” 

On NXT blending NXT, NXT Uk and 205 Live: “I think that if you look at it in a manner of that NXT UK brand sitting in that NXT bucket, I think you’re going to see a lot of performers that are regular NXT UK talent crossing-over into NXT on the USA Network, and performing there, and showcasing what their brand can do there, and helping the brand out as well. Whether or not they become full-time on either brand, depending on where they are – just like you’ve seen performers come from the US and go over there,” Hunter said. “I think you will see back and forth. You might see a performer who comes into Full Sail and has a two or three month run and then ends up back in the UK, like a program and storyline here and the he’ll move back. I think you’ll see back and forth; I don’t think there’s a hard line between those as much as you would see when there’s a hard brand split between RAW and SmackDown, and you don’t see people criss-cross. One is one thing and one is another. I think these brands kind of compliment each other and allow opportunities for both. So, I think there is opportunity for WALTER to come to the US and be here at Full Sail, or Tyler [Bate], or Toni [Storm], and Piper [Niven], and all those performers to go back and forth and showcase what they do. It’s all in a matter of giving them the opportunity to go out there and show the world, as many people as possible, who they are and what they do.” 

On a possible TV deal for NXT UK: “Just like with NXT, we’re constantly evaluating where all of our content goes. That includes digital and social, so, kind of getting that expanse and reach. When you have a billion social media followers and the number one channel on YouTube, you have a lot of options. So what do we put out there and where is a constant evaluation process. Some stuff has to live in that YouTube world and the click-on-and-everybody-can-see world, some of it has to live in our network world and serve that fan base, and some of it has to live on television and get broad distribution across cable or network television. So we’re constantly evaluating, and the UK would be no different. If there’s an opportunity, we will look at it.” 

On how to make sure developing stars get the proper experience to grow: “It’s something that we’re always kind of looking at in stepping forward and evolving that process of – as you talk about, the local shows in the Florida area. What are those shows? As the opportunity for NXT as a brand grows and now it has a different platform on USA, obviously you have the opportunity to do more, bigger things. But you also don’t want to lose the chance for somebody that’s kind of just getting their feet wet in the ring to step in there, and get those reps, and have that opportunity to grow and shine. That’s how you get great at this business – is by doing it. And then by stepping back into some places like the performance center and having people help you, and evaluate you, and tell you what you need to work on. And then going back out there and getting to apply those things. It’s absolutely something that we’re looking at of figuring out the best way to make those things continue and move forward so that everybody has the opportunity to step up to the plate and continue to grow.”

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