“The more people talk the more I feel like I am doing my job”

Sep 20, 2019 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Yahoo, Becky Lynch spoke about the pressure of keeping people invested in her storylines now that she’s on top of the women’s division. Here are highlights:

On keeping people interested: “It’s one thing to get on top and it’s a whole other thing to stay there. It’s all about making sure I keep up interest in storylines on TV, continuing to main event. Being consistent in making people care, making people talk. The more people talk the more I feel like I am doing my job.”

On equality in WWE: “Give us the opportunity — give everyone equal opportunity — and let’s see what happens there. I’m not asking for a free ride or anything like that. It’s about earning your spot and I think that people don’t need to be held down because of gender, race, where they come from. It’s all about proving your worth as a human and being allowed to be treated as such.”

On her past year in WWE: “I think [the best part of the past year has been] really seeing how invested people get into this and how it has changed people’s perceptions of what you can do as a woman or anybody really — saying enough is enough. When I first became the Smackdown women’s champion, I felt guilty. I was thinking ‘Oh I’m sorry, I wish everybody could be the champion.’ I played myself down. I realized that it didn’t do myself any favors. I saw people who weren’t putting in a fraction of the work I was getting handed opportunities, titles, title shots. I looked and said ‘No when I get my chance again this isn’t going to happen again.’ I promised myself it wouldn’t and it hasn’t.”

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