Kevin Owens Discusses Doing Things His Way

Sep 20, 2019 - by James Walsh

Kevin Owens chatted with ABS CBN in Manila, talking his career path to WWE and more.

On Doing Things His Way: “I went a different way, obviously, and it’s been arduous but it’s been very rewarding to be me. I don’t know how many people have tried to change me throughout my career, and it was all good advice, I don’t know if it was me being hard-headed or what, I just thought I was always going to do it my way, and I really did. I’m sure there would have been other ways to do it, but what I just decided to do is not let anybody tell me that I couldn’t, so I guess that would be the one advice I have for someone who doesn’t fit the mold, as you say.”

On Returning to Manila: “Places we don’t go to too much tend to be very excited to have us, which is a logical thing. If we go to a town more often than not, eventually it just kind of becomes a thing where they’re used to it,” Owens said during a media roundtable, Friday morning in Manila. “So it’s great to come here and to other countries where we don’t go all the time, because we get to feel the excitement of people that don’t see us as many times as they wish, so that’s cool for us too because we get to perform for people who are really thrilled to have us there, so how would that not be a great experience for us?

“Generally, WWE shows are an exciting thing to be a part of, but there are some towns in the US where, we go there, and we were there two months before, and two months before that, and two months before that. Now, this is just a thing that they all the time, and I don’t want to say that they don’t appreciate as much because that’s not the case, but the enthusiasm is different. We’re all looking forward to it, because we haven’t been here in a while, and we’re not here as often as other places, and that always makes for a pretty special night.”

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