Becky Lynch: ‘I Saw Other People Who Just Batted Their Eyelashes to Get Everything’

Sep 18, 2019 - by James Walsh

Times Now recently interviewed WWE Superstar and Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch, who discussed her career and her journey to headline WrestleMania. Below are some highlights. 

Lynch on the pressure of headlining WrestleMania: “There aren’t many women in this industry. It is a fast-paced industry and that inspires me. Going in front of so many people who are constantly watching you, it’s like testing yourself physically as well as mentally. When you are in a ring and even if you feel dead, you still must give it your best and be better than everyone else.” 

“Jim Ross signed me at the beginning of my journey. Seth Rollins believed in me and helped me when no one else did, during my initial period of struggle. I was called one of the most irrelevant women when I came into this industry and that really served me. I wanted to win and prove everyone wrong. Separating myself from people has also really benefited me. I was looked at as an afterthought and not given what I deserve. I saw other people who didn’t put in any hard work and just batted their eyelashes in order to get everything. I took it personally and it motivated me to take over. My motto has been to work really hard. My advice to all the young girls aspiring to be a wrestler would be to not stop trying to get better at everything. It’s important to travel, to work on your fitness, to have the ability to talk and the ability to connect with people, inside the ring as well as outside. It’s important to study the game as well as its players.” 

Becky Lynch on actually learning to wrestle: “My brother and I would watch wrestling all the time and I loved it. But if you wanted to be a wrestler, you’d have to go off to England or America to train. It was only at Finn Balor’s school that I got the opportunity to learn. We wrestled for three months on just six blue mats on the floor in this tiny little hall at Saint Andrew’s national school. We’d go down there every Sunday and that’s how we learned, on the mats. We’d go across to England and do these summer camps where you’d train eight or nine hours a day in a gym.” 

Becky Lynch on how she thought she was terrible when she first started: “To be honest, I was terrible in the beginning, and wrestling was so foreign to me, I wasn’t an athlete. I was a chilled-out kid, but I was tough. I had never done anything like this, but I just wanted to work. I remember at one stage crying to Finn Balor and telling him that I just wanted to be as good as any of the guys. He told me that it was exactly what he was trying to make me do. I love this business and I just want people to love it the way I love it. Even after WrestleMania, I didn’t go on vacation. I got an hour of sleep, then I got up and did morning interviews with the media. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for myself, to run on dreams, hard work, and adrenaline.” 

Lynch on how she feels after winning the Royal Rumble and headlining and winning in the main event at WrestleMania: “It’s the best thing ever. It’s an empowering feeling. I came into the industry without anything and was overlooked in a lot of spheres, but I was determined to make it better for myself with my sheer talent and nothing else. I wouldn’t say it’s all I dreamt of, but this was surely on my list of achievements.” 

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