9/18/19 WWE NXT UK Results

Sep 18, 2019 - by Michael Riba

-The show opens with a recap of the feud between Kassius Ohno and Sid Scala, which will culminate in a British Rounds Match on tonight’s episode.

-Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph are on commentary.

1. Travis Banks defeated Tyson T-Bone

-We hear that there has still been no mention or sight of Toni Storm, and then Mark Coffey and Wolfgang show up. They say they don’t care about Storm and say they are still the number one contenders for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship and they are going to take what’s theirs.

2. Rhea Ripley defeated Debbie Keitel
-After the match, Ripley says it’s about time that she gets the NXT UK Women’s Championship back. She says nobody can break her mentally or beat her physically. Jinny and Jazzy Gabert interrupt. Jinny says Ripley is the past and that the NXT UK Women’s Championship is in her future, not Ripley’s. She says Ripley has a big problem in the present and Gabert goes after her. Ripley backs Gabert down and Jinny pulls Gabert away.

-Trent Seven arrives to the arena, but Noam Dar cuts him off. Dar runs him down and Seven goes after him before a few guys break them up.

3. Joseph Conners defeated Kenny Williams

-Footage of the match between Cesaro and Ilja Dragunov from TakeOver UK: Cardiff is shown. Cesaro says Dragunov answered his challenge and everyone saw what he did in the match. Cesaro says it was an honor to step in the ring with him and says he will keep watching Dragunov.

-A promo from Oliver Carter airs. He says he debut didn’t go as he planned, but he is coming back next week and going for the win.

-Kay Lee Ray says she is better than Tegan Nox and will take her on any time she wants. It is announced that the match will take place in two weeks. Also, Trent Seven and Noam Dar will meet next week.

The rules of the British Rounds Match are explained:

Six 3-minute rounds
To win, a competitor must:
-gain two pinfalls or submissions, or
-one knockout, or
-be ahead on falls at the end of the final round

4. British Rounds Match
Kassius Ohno defeated Sid Scala (1-0)
-Ohno scored one pin fall in the third round.

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