WWE RAW Report – 9/16/19

Sep 16, 2019 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens live from the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Renee Young.

– We go right to the ring and out comes WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins to a pop.

Rollins gives a shout-out to Knoxville and brings up WWE Clash of Champions. We see stills as he talks about losing the RAW Tag Team Titles with Braun Strowman to Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. He then talks about the main event against Strowman for the Universal Title. Rollins gives “mad props” to Strowman and says he beat the hell out of him, but when push came to shove, he put Strowman down with four Stomps and a Pedigree. He thanks Triple H for the Pedigree. Rollins goes on about how he’s feeling and says he’s glad the rematch with Strowman isn’t happening any time soon. Rollins goes on about how “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt attacked him on the stage. Fans chant “Yowie! Wowie!” now. Rollins goes on and confirms the match against Wyatt for Hell In a Cell, inside the Cell.

The Firefly Funhouse music interrupts and we see Wyatt on the big screen. He says Rollins is his future best friend. He’s super glad Rollins is OK. Rollins says he’s sick… Ramblin’ Rabbit interrupts and tells Rollins to run as fast as he can. Wyatt gets rid of it. Wyatt goes on and says mistakes happen and Rollins has made a lot of them, and he’s been forgiven. Wyatt references The Fiend now and says he said hello to Rollins at Clash of Champions, and might have more to say tonight. Wyatt stares at the camera and it flashes with The Fiend. Rollins stares back from the ring. Wyatt finally breaks the stare and laughs to end the Firefly Funhouse segment. Rollins looks around at the crowd and that’s it.

– Still to come, Chad Gable vs. Baron Corbin in the King of the Ring finals. Plus, Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, also Rollins vs. Robert Roode.

– We see Braun Strowman walking backstage. Charly Caruso stops him and says she thought he wouldn’t be here tonight. She asks why he is here and he says because the next guy to get in his way will get these hands. Strowman walks off and we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out come new RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode for a Tag Team Summit as Mike Rome does the introduction. Roode and Ziggler hit the ring and wait. The music hits and out come new SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Revival next, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

Roode takes the mic and says no one believed it when he and Ziggler teamed up. He goes on about being at the top but the music interrupts and out comes Braun Strowman. Strowman comes down the ramp and The Revival attacks at ringside. Strowman fights them both off and takes them out at ringside. Strowman fights into the ring, shoving Ziggler back and dropping him with a big boot. Roode retreats as Strowman stands tall in the ring. Strowman runs around the ring and levels Dawson and Dash. He keeps running and knocks Ziggler into the barrier. Roode runs through the ring and up the ramp as Strowman chases him. Strowman stands tall in the ring as fans cheer him on. Strowman’s music hits as Ziggler and The Revival try to get up from the ground.

– WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss are backstage sipping coffee, talking about their match with Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley later tonight.

The OC vs. The Viking Raiders and Cedric Alexander

We go to the ring and out first comes The OC – WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. We take a very short break and out comes Cedric Alexander first for his team. The Viking Raiders, Erik and Ivar, are out next.

Cedric starts off with AJ and AJ strikes first. Cedric ends up fighting back, stunning AJ and dropping him in the corner. Cedric with a big running kick to the face. AJ counters a move but gets beat down in Cedric’s corner as the referee counts. Erik tags in and double teams AJ, knocking him back with a knee. Anderson runs in but Erik drops him. Erik keeps control and tags in Ivar. Erik slams Ivar on top of Anderson for a 2 count.

Ivar keeps Anderson down now, working on his arm. Gallows tags in and faces off with Ivar. They go at it. Ivar rocks Gallows with knees. Ivar misses flying knees in the corner. Gallows sends Ivar to the floor and AJ sends him into the barrier. Anderson follows up with a big kick to Ivar against the barrier. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Anderson has Erik grounded. Anderson knocks Cedric off the apron and taunts Ivar. Erik slams Anderson in the middle of the ring. Ivar tags in and runs over Anderson, then slams Gallows with a side slam. Ivar with a crossbody to Gallows, then a senton on AJ as he runs in. Ivar clotheslines Anderson now. Cedric tags in and springboards at Anderson for a 2 count as Gallows breaks it up.

Gallows slams Ivar. Erik slams Gallows over his head. Anderson with a neckbreaker to Erik. Cedric rocks Anderson and nails a big kick to the head. Cedric takes out Anderson but AJ springboards in with a big Phenomenal Forearm to Cedric for the pin to win.

Winners: The OC

– After the match, The OC immediately attacks Cedric. The Vikings make the save and a brawl breaks out. It comes down to Erik dumping Gallows and sending him out. Anderson and Gallows brawl with Erik at ringside. Ivar goes to the top and leaps out to the floor, taking all three down. AJ goes to the top while Cedric is getting to his feet in the ring. Cedric crotches AJ and rocks him while he’s on top. Cedric climbs up with more right hands. Cedric goes for the top rope hurricanrana but AJ blocks it and turns it into a super Styles Clash. AJ stands tall alone in the ring, over Cedric. The other four are still down on the outside as we go to replays. AJ raises his title in the air as the referee checks on Cedric.

– We see video of WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth and Carmella touring the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame earlier today, with a special tour guide – Kane, the Mayor of Knox County. Truth finally recognized Kane but thought he was a famous basketball player. Kane told him he’s the Knox County Mayor, Glenn Jacobs. Kane said his limousine is outside and he’d love to show Truth and Carmella around his city. Carmella looked spectacle.

King of the Ring Finals: Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable

We go to the ring and out comes Baron Corbin for the King of the Ring tournament finals. Still to come tonight, Roode vs. Rollins, plus Rey Mysterio will be here. The announcers show us a Tale of the Tape for the KOTR finals. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Chad Gable is out. We get a look at the KOTR brackets and Rome does formal ring introductions. The bell rings and they lock up. They break and lock up again with Gable going for the ankle. Gable is forced to break. Gable ends up taking Corbin back down. They lock up and Corbin drops Gable with a right hand. Gable goes for a suplex but Corbin back elbows him. Corbin clubs Gable to the mat and sends him face-first into the corner.

Fans chant “Corbin sucks!” now as he works Gable around the ring. Corbin taunts the crowd and they boo. Gable dumps Corbin over the top to the floor. Corbin comes right back in but Gable dropkicks him back out. Gable goes out and runs at Corbin but Corbin back-drops him over into the timekeeper’s area. We go back to commercial with Corbin standing tall on the outside.

Back from the break and Gable is down on the outside as the referee counts. He makes it back in right before the 10 count. Corbin drops Gable with a big right hand for another close 2 count. Corbin keeps Gable grounded and pounds on him in the middle of the ring now.

Gable fights out but Corbin runs back in and levels him with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Corbin clubs Gable with a big shot to the back of the head and he goes back down. Corbin takes his time with Gable and plays to the crowd again. Gable fights back once again but Corbin nails a huge boot in the middle of the ring. Corbin shows off as fans boo. Corbin whips Gable hard into the corner and he goes back down. Corbin talks more trash while keeping control of Gable.

Corbin works Gable over in the corner now. Gable pulls Corbin into a submission on the rope but Corbin overpowers and slams him back to the mat for another close 2 count. Corbin shows some frustration now. Corbin keeps Gable grounded in a submission on the mat now. Corbin continues to dominate and shut down comeback attempts until Gable finally catches him in an ankle lock. Corbin gets out but Gable nails a big missile dropkick from the top as fans pop. Gable with a cannonball in the corner, and another. Gable charges into the corner again, nailing Corbin. Corbin catches Gable this time and drives him into the mat for a 2 count.

Fans rally and chant for Gable. Corbin goes to the floor to regroup. Corbin pulls Gable out and sends him ribs-first into the barrier. Fans boo Corbin as he drives Gable into another part of the barrier. Corbin points up at the throne. Corbin charges on the outside but Gable moves and Corbin hits the steel ring steps shoulder-first. Gable recovers in the ring now. Corbin rolls back in to break a count. Gable wraps Corbin’s leg around the ring post a few times. Gable runs back in and dropkicks Corbin’s leg out. Gable unloads with forearms now. Corbin catches Gable out of nowhere with Deep Six for a close 2 count.

Corbin runs around and back in but misses a clothesline. Corbin blocks a German suplex but Gable nails the German and holds it for a close 2 count. Gable goes to the top for a moonsault but lands on his feet as Corbin moves. Gable blocks End of Days and goes for the ankle lock. Corbin fights it but Gable gets it locked in as fans cheer him on. Gable pulls Corbin back and drops down to tighten the hold in the middle of the ring. Corbin crawls for the bottom rope and finally makes it, breaking the hold.

Gable goes right back for the ankle but Corbin fights him. Gable with elbows in the corner. Corbin catches Gable and they tangle but Corbin drops Gable into End of Days for the pin and the King of the Ring tournament.

Winner and 2019 King of the Ring: Baron Corbin

– After the match, Corbin stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Corbin walks up the ramp to the KOTR throne, scepter, crown and robe as we cut to the back.

– We get the first look at the Gender Reveal Party for Maria Kanellis and Mike Kanellis backstage, hosted by The Street Profits.

– The announcers lead us to a video promo for WWE NXT on the USA Network.

– Back from a break and it’s time for more of the Gender Reveal Party for Maria Kanellis. The Street Profits are hosting. More Superstars and announcers are gathered at the party. Maria reveals that she and Mike are expecting a boy. Mike is excited. Maria tells him that the real father of her child is Ricochet. Ricochet is surprised. He tells Mike that Maria is clearly lying. Mike interrupts his plea with a slap to the face. Mike says he’s going to the ring right now, and Ricochet better meet him. Mike storms off and Maria follows, smirking at Ricochet. Titus talks Ricochet up and tells him he better get out there. Angelo Dawkins tells Montez Ford he thought she was going to reveal him as the father. They all do more comedy to end the segment.

Mike Kanellis vs. Ricochet

We go to the ring and out comes Mike Kanellis by himself. Ricochet is out next. Ricochet is trying to tell Mike he didn’t do it but Mike just readies for a fight.

The bell rings and Ricochet ducks a clothesline. Mike wants to fight but Ricochet is trying to tell him the truth. Mike misses a kick. Mike slaps Ricochet and drops him with a right. Mike unloads on Ricochet with stomps while he’s down.

Ricochet jumps up and drops Mike with a superkick. Ricochet with more offense and a big kick to the face from the apron. Ricochet springboards in with a clothesline to Mike. Ricochet nails the Recoil for the pin to win.

Winner: Ricochet

– After the match, Ricochet stands tall and has his arm raised as the music hits. He tries to plead with Mike as we go to replays. Ricochet backs up the ramp, trying to explain things and saying he’s sorry. Mike looks on from the ring.

– Still to come, Seth Rollins vs. Robert Roode.

– We cut to Bray Wyatt in his Firefly Funhouse. He’s hanging photos on the wall – Finn Balor with WWE Hall of Famers Mick Foley, Kurt Angle and Jerry Lawler, but with their eyes crossed out. Wyatt says he’s been busy adding to his Wall of Friendship, but something is missing. Wyatt says it’s time to go find some new friends. He walks off and we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Mike Kanellis is sitting on the apron. Maria Kanellis has a mic on the ramp. She wonders what it will take to motivate Mike. She says obviously Ricochet is not the father. She thought if she embarrassed him enough he might be man enough to defend the honor of she and her unborn child, but that didn’t happen. Maria says now maybe she will reveal the real father. The music interrupts and out comes Rusev.

Rusev marches to the ring as Mike looks on, coming to tears it looks like. Rusev stalks Mike but he begs him to back off. Mike says he’s having a bad day and night, and he’s not looking to fight. Mike says if Rusev is the father… at this point, he’s OK with it. He congratulates them both. Mike goes to leave the ring but Rusev corners him. Rusev chases Mike around ringside and Mike slips. Rusev with a big clothesline. Maria watches from the ramp as Rusev destroys Mike at ringside. Rusev sends Mike from barrier to barrier as Maria watches.

Rusev vs. Mike Kanellis

Rusev brings it back into the ring and the bell rings for a match. Rusev immediately drops Mike Kanellis with a big boot to the face.

Rusev yells out, stomps on Mike’s back and then applies The Accolade. Mike quickly taps out.

Winner: Rusev

– After the match, Maria walks to the back as Rusev begins his celebration.

– Still to come, Rey Mysterio is here.

– Cole leads us to Kane and WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth on their tour of the University of Tennessee. Kane takes him into the Vols stadium and introduces him to a police officer. The officer reveals that he’s also a referee. Truth sees what’s happening and tries to run away but runs into the goal post, falling down. Kane covers Truth and wins the WWE 24/7 Title. Kane walks off with the title in the air, chanting he’s still got it.

– We see Bayley and Sasha Banks backstage. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a look at Baron Corbin winning King of the Ring. Corbin will have his special coronation on SmackDown tomorrow.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Rey Mysterio. Cesaro is out next with a mic. Cesaro takes the mic and says Rey should’ve listened to his son and retired. Cesaro says he will beat the hell out of Rey’s son if he shows his face, like he’s going to do to Rey now. Cesaro hits the apron but Rey kicks him off.

Cesaro vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio works Cesaro over on the outside and they come back in to get the bell. Cesaro wasn’t dressed to wrestle but we’ve got a match. Rey charges but Cesaro suckers him in for a huge uppercut. Cesaro with a 2 count. Cesaro keeps control and drops an elbow for a 2 count.

Cesaro with more offense, keeping Rey down. Cesaro goes to launch Rey at one point but Rey sends him shoulder-first into the corner. Rey goes to fly out but Cesaro meets him at the ropes with a big uppercut. Cesaro goes to suplex Rey out of the ring but Rey knees him in mid-air. Rey slides out and thrusts Cesaro, then kicks him on the apron. Rey with a 619 to the back while Cesaro is standing on the apron.

Cesaro is standing on the floor now. Rey charges and leaps out with a suicide dive, nailing a tornado DDT on the floor. We go to commercial with Rey in control.

Back from the break and Cesaro drops offense on Rey for more pin attempts. Cesaro keeps Rey grounded now. Rey fights up and out but Cesaro knees him. Rey fights in from the apron but Cesaro knocks him out of the air, to the floor. Cesaro brings it back into the ring and hits the senton from the apron for another 2 count. Cesaro works Rey over and talks some trash, keeping him grounded again.

Rey manages to hit a crossbody but Cesaro rolls through with him. Rey counters and spikes Cesaro into the mat. They’re both down now. Rey fights Cesaro off and goes for a moonsault but Cesaro catches him. Rey counters and drops him with a DDT for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. They tangle some more until Cesaro drops Rey with a boot to the mouth. Cesaro goes right into a Crossface. Rey turns it into a 2 count. Rey stuns Cesaro with an enziguri. Rey goes for the 619 but it’s blocked. Cesaro powers Rey up high and drops his ribs over a knee. Cesaro keeps control for another 2 count, showing more frustration now.

Cesaro with a suplex. He holds it and hits a second suplex. Rey stops him from hitting the Three Amigos, then nails a 619. Rey goes to the top but Cesaro catches him. Rey counters and hits a Destroyer for the pin to win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– After the match, Rey stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays as Rey poses in the corner.

– Still to come, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley.

– Bray Wyatt hangs a new photo on his Wall of Friendship inside the Firefly Funhouse – Seth Rollins. He stares at the camera and we see The Fiend flash in him. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a plug for the WWE Draft from the announcers. Cole leads us to a vignette for the return of The Authors of Pain, AOP. Akam and Rezar are sitting somewhere in suits. They issue a warning to the rest of the tag teams and say the future will be written in pain.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

We go to the ring and out first comes the team of Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. Out next are WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss for this non-title match.

The bell rings and Bliss starts off with Bayley. They lock up and Bayley slams Bliss first, talking trash. Bayley takes Bliss to the corner and in comes Banks. Banks stomps away as the referee warns her. Banks yells at the referee. Bayley tags back in and goes to work on Bliss but Bliss fires back and drops her with strikes. Bliss with a double knees and a moonsault on Bayley for a close 2 count. More back and forth now. Bliss with a 2 count. Banks checks on Bayley at ringside as she goes out for a breather. Bliss leaps from the apron and takes both opponents down on the floor as Cross celebrates.

Bliss brings Bayley back into the ring for a 2 count. Bliss tags Cross back in and they double team Bayley in the corner. Cross takes Bayley down and dropkicks her for a close 2 count. Bayley knees Cross. Cross fights Bayley off as Banks tags in. They double team Cross in the corner with knees. Banks with a 2 count on Cross. Banks keeps control and hits a suplex on Cross for another pin attempt. Banks taunts Cross and Bliss, then fights them both off. Bliss runs in and the referee holds her back. Banks continues to taunt Bliss. Banks goes for double knees in the corner but Cross hits her with knees. Bayley charges and Cross sends her out. Bliss keeps Bayley on the outside but Bayley sends Bliss’ injured knee into the steel ring steps. Banks drops Cross in the ring and stands tall as fans boo.

Bayley slams Bliss’ knee into the steps again. The referee checks on Bliss as Banks unloads on Cross in the corner. Trainers come out to check on Bliss as she sells the knee injury. We go back to commercial with Cross getting beat down in the corner.

Back from the break and Bayley has Cross grounded in the middle of the ring. Bliss has been taken to the back to have her knee examined.

Bayley unloads on Cross and Banks tags back in. Banks puts boots to the throat in the corner as the referee warns her. Bayley tags back in for the double team. Cross shuts down another double team attempt and unloads on Bayley. Banks tosses Cross out to the floor. Bayley tags in and Cross decks her on the outside. Cross traps Banks in the apron cover and beats on her for a pop. Bayley flies at Cross and Cross takes her down. Cross brings Bayley back into the ring and goes to the top. Cross with a crossbody for a close 2 count.

Cross clotheslines Bayley a few times. Cross with a splash in the corner and a running bulldog. Cross gets hyped up for the crowd. Cross dropkicks Banks in the back of the head while she’s still stuck in the apron cover. Cross rolls Bayley for a close 2 count. Cross and Bayley tangle some more. Cross with a big tornado DDT. Cross with the neckbreaker from the top rope but Banks breaks the pin up just in time. Banks tags in and goes at it with Cross. Banks hits the Backstabber and rolls Cross into the Bank Statement. Cross tries to hang on but she taps out.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

– After the match, Banks stands tall as her music hits. Banks goes to the timekeeper’s area and brings a chair in while Bayley is still down on the floor. Banks brings the chair in but the music interrupts and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch with a chair of her own. She hits the ring and they swing chairs at each other, blocking each shot with their own chair. They duck chair shots from each other now. Bayley brings a chair in and stands with Banks. Becky isn’t backing down. The music hits and out comes Charlotte Flair without a chair. Bayley runs up the ramp with a chair but Flair boots it in her face. Flair wit a chair shot over Bayley’s back on the ramp. Becky dodges a chair shot from Banks and unloads on her. Banks retreats to the floor for a breather. Fans chant for Becky as Bayley and Banks regroup on the floor. Lynch stands tall in the ring as her music hits. Flair enters the ring with a chair now. We go to commercial with Banks and Flair standing tall in the ring with chairs.

– Back from the break and Sasha Banks is backstage. She faces the camera and challenges Becky Lynch to a rematch at Hell In a Cell, if she’s man enough to accept. Banks said, “Your move, bitch.”

– Back from a break and we see Kane’s limousine pulling up to RAW earlier. R-Truth is hiding on top. Kane steps out and says it’s good to be back at RAW. Truth attacks him and pins him to win the WWE 24/7 Title back. Kane grabs Truth by the throat and they have some words but end up on the same page and walk away as friends to enjoy the show together.

– We cut backstage to RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. She responds to Sasha Banks and accepts the challenge, but wants the match to be inside the Cell.

Lacey Evans vs. Dana Brooke

We go to the ring and out comes Lacey Evans to the ring. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Dana Brooke as Evans watches from the corner. The bell rings and they go at it, unloading on each other.

Brooke mounts offense and handsprings into the corner with a big elbow. Brooke with a suplex for a quick pin attempt. Evans rolls to the floor for a breather now. Dana follows and works Evans over against the barrier. Evans turns it around with ease at the ropes, slamming Brooke face-first into the apron.

Evans brings it back in and slingshots into Brooke’s face again for a 2 count. Evans drops a knee and keeps Brooke grounded in a submission. Brooke fights out and takes Evans down from the corner. Brooke with a clothesline and a scoop slam in the middle of the ring now. Brooke goes to splash onto Evans but she gets her knees up. Evans keeps fighting and drops Brooke with the Woman’s Right out of nowhere.

Evans takes her time and stalls while Dana is laid out. Evans sends Natalya a message by applying the Sharpshooter to Brooke in the middle of the ring. Brooke taps out.

Winner: Lacey Evans

– After the match, Evans stands tall as her music hits. We go to replays.

– We see Seth Rollins backstage warming up. Back to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs. Robert Roode

Back from the break and we go to the ring for tonight’s non-title main event. Out first comes WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The new RAW Tag Team Champions are out next – Robert Roode with Dolph Ziggler.

The bell rings and they go at it as Ziggler watches from ringside. They tangle and Rollins takes Roode down, keeping him grounded in the middle of the ring. Roode takes it to the corner and knees Rollins, then chops him. Rollins scoops Roode and drops a big flying knee. Rollins with a kick to the back. Rode comes back with another knee to the gut off the ropes. Roode unloads with thrusts in the corner now. Roode with a right hand in the corner. Rollins kicks Roode and sends him over the top rope to the floor.

Rollins runs the ropes but Ziggler gets on the apron to taunt him. Rollins chases Ziggler around the ring now. Roode catches him but Rollins blocks it. Rollins leaps off the apron with a knee to Roode’s face to drop him at ringside. Rollins brings it back into the ring as Ziggler continues taunting him. Roode takes advantage of the distraction and knocks Rollins from the apron to the barrier. Ziggler attacks Rollins with a cheap shot while Roode has the referee distracted. Roode goes to the floor and slams Rollins ribs-first over the top of the barrier. We go to commercial with Rollins down on the outside.

Back from the break and Roode has Rollins grounded, focusing on the ribs. Rollins fights up and out with chops. Roode catches Rollins with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a 2 count, and another pin attempt. Roode shows some frustration now. Roode sends Rollins out and distracts the referee. Ziggler goes for a superkick on Rollins but Rollins nails one of his own. Rollins fights off Roode next as he comes out, launching him into the barrier. Rollins brings Roode back in and nails a Slingblade.

Roode blocks a Falcon Arrow and sends Rollins to the apron. Rollins blocks an attack and goes to the top. Rollins rolls through on a flying knee attempt. Rollins blocks a Spinebuster and hits a Falcon Arrow for a close 2 count. Fans chant “burn it down!” now to rally for Rollins. Rollins goes to the top but Roode rocks him with a right hand, and another while Rollins is dazed on the top. Roode climbs up for a superplex but Rollins slides out. Rollins with a big Buckle Bomb across the ring. Rollins kicks Roode in the gut and nails a Stomp in the middle of the ring. Rollins covers for the win but Ziggler runs in and breaks it up.

Winner by DQ: Seth Rollins

– After the bell, Ziggler keeps attacking Rollins until Rollins turns it around. Rollins and Ziggler continue to brawl. The music hits and out comes The OC – WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Rollins is in a 5-on-1 brawl now and gets dropped. Gallows and Anderson hit a Magic Killer on Rollins now. Styles with a Styles Clash to Rollins in the middle of the ring. The 5-on-1 beatdown starts up again as everyone surrounds Rollins and keeps beating him up, taking turns now. Ziggler superkicks Rollins to the mat while Gallows holds him. The music interrupts again and out comes Kane for a huge pop. Kane comes down the ramp, mask and all. Ziggler and Roode charge but get dropped on the ramp. Kane hits the ring and knocks Anderson and AJ with right hands, and then Gallows with a chokeslam. Kane with a double chokeslam to AJ and Anderson now as fans pop. Kane stands tall in the middle of the ring and goes to make the ring explode with pyro, but he has a malfunction as the lights start to go out.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt has arrived. The lights start flashing and we see The Fiend behind Kane. Kane turns around and Wyatt brings him down with the Mandible Claw. Wyatt screams out while applying the Mandible. Wyatt turns his attention to Rollins now, who is backing up to the corner to try and sit up. Wyatt crawls onto Rollins and gets down in his face, staring at him and taunting him. The menacing sound continues in the background and the lights flash as Wyatt laughs in Rollins’ face. Rollins looks terrified. RAW cuts to a shot of the Firefly Funhouse theme song and logo, but it’s glitching and malfunctioning. The bizarre song and logo play for about a minute until RAW suddenly cuts to black and goes off the air.

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