Enzo Discusses Vince McMahon Being Ahead of the Game, Calling WWE “Our Company”

Sep 15, 2019 - by James Walsh

The Ya Neva Know podcast recently interviewed former WWE Superstar nZo (aka Enzo Amore), who discussed Vince McMahon and his monopoly on wrestling with the WWE. Below are some highlights and a clip from the interview.

nZo on how WWE has created a monopoly due to Vince McMahon’s vision for wrestling: “When I was under the roof of the WWE, you’re in the Performance Center, you gotta understand, they’ve created a monopoly. In 1999, Vince McMahon — he bought all the competition. But not only did he buy all the competition, I don’t know if it was insider trading knowledge, but this man bought all the video footage that ever existed. Why? Because he foresaw the future being streaming for all content. So as opposed to cable, I’m gonna now own the Netflix of wrestling. Now, he owns all the wrestling footage that ever existed. In like ’99 – early 2000s, he accumulates it over the years. And it’s a prize to him. he has to have it. He gets all the wrestling footage that ever existed. He buys all the competition in the United States. Then, he launches the WWE Network. Now, only place you can watch wrestling is on his s***. Dude, I mean the mind that goes into that — mortgage my first house on a loan for the first WrestleMania ever to make sure that it happens. And WrestleMania is a success. Now, you’re talking about, how many? 30-35 or some s***? So, that guy just had the foresight to see — the vision…”

nZo on Vince McMahon: “Vince is the craziest motherf***er I’ve ever met because he works like a dog. He sleeps three hours a night. He’s a control freak. He freaks out if he sneezes because he can’t control it. So if he sneezes, he doesn’t like that function because he can’t control it. He lifts at 3:00 am. He works out in the gym like a sick f***. I’m pretty sure he partied his ass off back in the day and lived it with all the boys and saw a crazy life for a long time. I mean, I don’t know. He’s friends with Donald Trump. His wife was in the cabinet. He runs it the f*** up.”

nZo on how Vince McMahon calls WWE ‘our company’: “I was fortunate enough to know him in the wrestling world, and obviously, that is his world. That is the end all, be all of his entire existence. It’s funny when you speak to him. When you talk about the WWE, he calls it ‘our company.’ O-U-R. Our. He will correct you if you say it like any other way. Yeah. It’s become a publicly traded company. We are politically correct around here and what we interpret it as because I think he is also very privy to the business notions that go behind what it takes to be what he is and what it takes to call it that and how much trouble he probably went through. He did it like a mother-f***er! I do think that we might be seeing the downfall of that, and it would be crazy to see it in his lifetime.”

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