Big Cass involved in backstage altercation at WrestlePro event

Sep 15, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo is reporting that Big Cass was involved in an altercation backstage at a WrestlePro event which required the assistance of local police. The event was a farewell for Pat Buck who recently signed with WWE as a producer.

Cass was a surprise for many as he was not advertised and was not in the best of moods backstage, threatening many people including Joey Janela of All Elite Wrestling. The two had an altercation at a Blink 182 concert a few months ago.

After several individuals were moved to different locker rooms to be away from Cass, the former WWE star still was looking for trouble and went around to find them, continuing with his insults and threats.

PWInsider adds that Cass eventually turned his attention to Pat Buck and even spit in his face. That did not sit down well with Buck who knocked Cass out with a punch to the face before jumping on him on the floor.

Police were called in and ejected Cass from the building. After the show was over, Cass was seen outside in the parking lot as police seared his car. An ambulance was called in to take him to a hospital.

Cass has been going through some rough times lately, admitting that he had a depression and alcohol issues.

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