Ken Shamrock versus Moose Confirmed for Bound for Glory

Sep 13, 2019 - by James Walsh

It’s official: Ken Shamrock will face Moose at Impact Wrestling’s Bound For Glory PPV. Impact announced on Thursday that the two will face off at the PPV, which takes place on October 20th in Chicago:

While the idea of Ken Shamrock vs. Moose has been whispered about for the past several weeks, we weren’t sure all the barking back and forth on social media would lead to this. However, it is now official, we will see Ken Shamrock vs. Moose LIVE on Pay Per View at Bound For Glory.

Sunday, October 20th just got more intense, more wild and more unpredictable. It is UFC Hall of Famer vs. Mr. IMPACT Wrestling and we can’t wait to see how it goes down. Who will leave victorious?

Where will you be when this epic showdown happens? Which background will win? MMA or Football? It is an age old question that might get answered LIVE in Chicago. What will the turbulent road to Bound For Glory look like when these two clash?

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