More on WWE’s Announce Team Plans

Sep 12, 2019 - by James Walsh

More details have been emerged about WWE’s rumored changes to its announcing teams. The WrestleVotes Twitter account, which first reported the news that WWE is making “significant changes” to the announce team, says that the working (non-finalized) plan would see Michael Cole move to Smackdown and Vic Joseph moving to Raw as the lead announcer there.

Cole is currently the lead announcer on Raw, with Joseph calling 205 Live. 205 Live recently saw its own move, with Dio Maddin joining the team this week as Nigel McGuiness will be exclusive to NXT.

The plans as of now for the new announce teams include Michael Cole heading to SmackDown on FOX. I’m also told Vic Joseph is set to become the lead man on Monday Night RAW. Not set in stone, as nothing is with WWE, but this is their working idea.

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