Mojo Rawley Says He Would Stomp Rob Gronkowski

Sep 11, 2019 - by James Walsh

TMZ Sports recently spoke to Mojo Rawley and asked him about retired NFL player Rob Gronkowski joking about “whooping” his “little wimp” friend Mojo Rawley last month. Rawley responded and spoke about how he and Gronkowski like to take jabs at each other.

Rawley stated on Gronkowski, “Sometimes Rob says things he doesn’t mean, like calling a guy a wimp when he knows he can blatantly kick the crap out of him. I mean, these are just things that come out of his mouth that have no meaning. You know, Robbie G’s been going around, running his mouth, calling himself Mr. Recovery. Well, Mojo Rawley will put that to the test when I stomp him the hell out!”

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