Mandy Rose on How She Eventually Wants to Start a Family

Sep 11, 2019 - by James Walsh

Metro UK recently interviewed WWE Superstar Mandy Rose, who discussed her career. Below are some highlights.

Mandy Rose on staying in shape on the main roster: “When you get to the main roster it changes a little bit because you’re more on your own, you fit in your training when you can, but it’s hard. You land Saturday to get to the live event, I go right to the gym, work out, then we have to be at the venue at 5pm for a 7.30pm show. Then you drive to the next city which might be three or four hours away and you do it all over again. It gets to be tiring and you want to get sleep instead of get up and go to the gym. So you have to balance your time and go by how you feel. I train five to six days a week, in developmental you’re training in the ring and in the gym, so that’s a crazy schedule. One you get to the main you’re on your own and you do what you want.”

Mandy on her YouTube series with Sonya Deville: “I got to make time for the donuts and that was a fun thing we started doing. We are foodies, we love to eat, my dad’s a chef, and coming from an Italian family, we love to eat. Eventually, we’re trying to get our own online store, which would be cool.”

Mandy Rose on WWE being her main focus but wanting to start a family and have kids at some point: “WWE is my priority right now, and it kind of has to be because of how much we’re on the road. But building a brand all goes hand in hand. It’s kind of just making sure you set yourself up for when this is all over. It’s not everlasting, eventually I want to start a family and have children so it’s being smart with your money and training and making sure you do have a long, successful career. Plus, injuries happen all the time, you need to make sure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.”

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