Sha Samuels explains his side of the story

Sep 10, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Sha Samuels addressed the situation that happened recently.

I’m going to address this once, and that’s it. A mistake happened during our match last week. As a performer, thinking on my feet, I scoop slammed the referee (as safely as possible) and cut a promo saying it was a “stitch up”. …….

I got kicked in the face to the pleasure of the audience for my trouble and hoped the mistake was forgotten about. At the time I was only concerned about the integrity of the match. We spoke afterwards, and all seemed well.

I can only apologise for what happened…..

I genuinely believed I had done nothing wrong, but have now had my eyes opened and educated to the fact that regardless how safe you are, you should never assume it is ok to get physical with a non-wrestling member of the crew on the fly. I guess I have been too comfortable with the way things used to be. Things are different now.

I have reached out to Aaren privately and understand if he wants to take his time to get back to me, or if he doesn’t want to speak to me at all.

I wish he had reached out to me privately…..

I would never endanger anyone in a professional environment, no matter what the issue.

My peers know how safe and professional I am and can only apologise again to anyone who has been affected.

Wasn’t meant to share this, but feel I need to protect myself. Here is the slam, as you can see I’ve protected him.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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