Buy numbers for AEW’s All Out PPV

Sep 10, 2019 - by James Walsh

During today’s edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about some of the updated pay-per-view numbers and estimates for AEW All Out in comparison to the first AEW pay-per-view event, Double or Nothing. According to Meltzer, the UK pay-per-view numbers were up for All Out through FITE.TV and ITV, which both carried the event. However, Meltzer stated the US traditional pay-per-view numbers for All Out were still “down a lot from Double or Nothing.” As far as streaming US pay-per-view numbers, Meltzer stated, “It’s looking about the same,” compared to Double or Nothing.

Also, he mentioned that there was talk of college football causing a hit to the apparent decline in numbers. Additionally, Meltzer’s guess at a final number was an estimate between 109,000 to 111,000 total pay-per-view buys for the event, and it would be about a 10 percent decrease from Double or Nothing.

Meltzer stated that the feeling within AEW internally was that losing the Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley match at the last minute did some damage to the overall pay-per-view business, as that was a key marquee match-up for the event. Moxley suffered a staff infection shortly beforehand and was forced to withdraw from the card. Instead, Omega faced PAC.

The good news is that despite the apparent drop in pay-per-view numbers is that, if the estimated pay-per-view numbers are accurate, AEW pulled more than 100,000 PPV buys on its first two PPV events without even having a weekly TV program. That feat appears to be unprecedented for a wrestling promotion. By comparison, ECW was once able to hit 99,000 pay-per-view buys in the US. TNA’s PPV numbers peaked at around 55,000 to 60,000, despite having a major TV deal on Spike TV.

As previously reported, FITE TV stated that the platform had more buys for the All Out event than Double or Nothing last May. According to a statement from FITE, “We don’t publicly release specific FITE buy information but I can tell you that the AEW All Out buys, in fact, exceeded those of AEW Double or Nothing.”

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