Cody: “There’s a title we’re considering”

Sep 7, 2019 - by staff

Cody Hints At AEW Television Title May be coming soon to AEW

AEW has announced three main titles for wrestlers to battle over and no secondary titles. But Cody hinted that a secondary championship could be coming in the near future.

“There’s a title we’re considering,” Rhodes stated, “and it’s something people can probably guess since we’re going to be on TV, hint hint, but there are no plans for it at the moment. Right now we revolve around the AEW Championship and in D.C. we’re going to name the first ever AEW Women’s Champion, and that’s such a beautiful belt. I don’t know if people know, up close, that rose gold is layered into it. Brandi, Kenny Omega, and Tony did a great job getting that title. There’s going to be some guidelines laid out for whoever wins that title though,” he laughed. “Some guidelines about how they’re supposed to take care of it.”

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