Nikki Cross On Traveling with WWE On a Different Brand than her Husband

Sep 6, 2019 - by James Walsh

On the latest Chasing Glory, Nikki Cross talked about how she and her husband Killian Dain make their relationship work despite being on different brands and touring schedules. Cross is of course on Raw and travels to Smackdown as well as Women’s Tag Team Champion, while Dain is in NXT. Cross said that they get a couple days a week and that they make it work because this is what they knew they were getting into.

Highlights from the discussion, and the full video, are below:

On being on Raw while Dain is on NXT: “So we’re good. We — let’s see. So I’ll get home on Tuesdays, usually. If we do Smackdown, then I get home Wednesdays. And then he, with NXT like, we’ve get Wednesday night together, sometimes all of Wednesday. Just depends on if it’s a travel day for me or not. And then we get all of Thursday together, and all of Friday together. It depends on if I leave for the road on Friday or Saturday. So we get at least like a day and a half, two days and a half.”

On the difficulty of only having that much time together: “For us, it’s not though — this is the way I look at it. We’re gonna be 60, and we’re gonna get to be together every night. So I’m just like, ‘All right, when I’m 60.’ For us, and because we — this is the important thing. We met through wrestling. We did this journey together. We got signed six months apart, you know? I lived here for six months, and he came six months later. We got signed together, we did this journey together. We’ve just been through a lot, so it’s like for the journey, there’s not — we’ve always accepted that we chose this lifestyle which would mean we don’t get to see each other every day or every night. And we’ve accepted that. And for us, when we’re, like I said, 50 or 60 — we’re gonna grow old together. So for me it’s like, you know, for right now [it’s like this] and then what you do with those two days is, you have to be very present and in the moment with each other.”

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