WWE shakes up the creative teams

Sep 5, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

The website TheWrap.com is carrying an exclusive story about an “earthquake” in the WWE creative department this week with writing teams for both Raw and Smackdown moving around.

Jonathan Baeckstrom, who has been working for WWE since 2013 and as a lead writer for 205 Live since 2016, has been promoted to lead writer of Monday Night Raw. He started as a writer’s assistant and then moved to associate writer before taking over 205 Live. Baeckstrom has been working on Raw since Paul Heyman came in as Executive Director and was handpicked to work on the red brand by Heyman himself.

Ed Koskey, who is the Vice President of Creative Writing and who has been the lead writer for Monday Night Raw is now moving to Smackdown as the man in charge of the blue brand. Koskey started working for WWE in 2001 as a production assistant, then to writer and senior writer before taking over Raw as lead writer in 2009.

Ryan Ward, who was the lead writer for Smackdown for the past couple of years, has been moved out on “personal leave.” Ward was promoted to a writer position in 2009 after a year as writer’s assistant. In 2012 he was the lead writer of NXT and then eventually was taken to Smackdown. He also holds the title of Vice President of Creative Writing. Ward has gone through some tough weeks lately after McMahon has been “tearing up” the scripts of Smackdown almost on a weekly basis and ordering re-writes.

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