The former Rhaka Khan responds to online reports, releases audio

Sep 5, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

We reached out to former Knockout Rhaka Khan regarding the reports that she is wanted by law enforcement.

Crime Stoppers of El Paso says that Khan is one of El Paso’s most wanted fugitives for the week of Aug. 25, 2019. She is listed under the names of Trenesha Sims, aka Trenesha Biggers or Trenesha Williams and has been charged with interference with child custody.

She responded:

My ex-husbsnd who is on probation for beating me unconscious made 100 false police reports against me. We have been in a domestic violence shelter after i caught him stalking again. Listen to the recording of me being beaten unconscious. This will backfire on him when the truth gets out. Listen to the recording, publish it for me please. That is the person who filed 100 false police reports against me. My abusive ex husband who is on probation for assaulting me.

Click here to listen to the record she provided us. WARNING: Explicit language

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