April Hunter posts rant about Mother Earth

Sep 3, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

April Hunter posted the following on her Facebook page:

We need to stop f–king with the earth…because the earth is hitting back. Hard. And it wins, every time. This sh*t is scary, expensive…
I haven’t been to a beach all summer. Or last year. With the waters so warm, last year was red tide. This year…f–king flesh-eating bacteria. 1 out of 3 people can survive that and it’s very prevalent in the gulf waters. I mean…WHAT THE F–K. We live here and suffer the heat and traffic FOR the water.
And still…people don’t get it. They deny. Our big movement lately – getting rid of straws. We’ve moved to no straws or paper straws. That’s about it. Tons of dead sea life…and we focus on straws. We got a new governor, also Repub, but only because the other moved up to Senate to do his repeal of eco protection on a fed basis instead of in FL only. This one (DeSantis) immediately put in green eco sanctions. Thank f–k – because this isn’t a left or right issue – it’s clearly an EVERYONE issue. The other was in bed with some chem companies who dumped non stop and he repealed so they could f–k the state with toxins plus overly warm waters. Then there’s our antiquated and overloaded sewage system that’s only a Cat 1 storm away from turning us into Flint, Michigan. It can’t handle the mass influx of people each year. 51,000 to Tampa Bay alone in the past 12 months. That’s a lot of poop…and it’s leaking into our bays and drinking water thanks to the never-ending construction with our infrastructure imploding under the weight. Bridges collapsing, roads clogged…a simple commute of .5 miles can be 15 minutes now. You don’t go by miles here, you go by TIME. Tourists: “It’s only 11 miles away.” Well, that’s 50 mins, sweetie. A commute to Orlando on a 75 mile hwy was 90 mins…now it’s 2.5-4 hours each way. It’s insane.

Yet, our property taxes don’t go down. That SHOULD be the silver lining with so many offsetting the costs and paying in, yes? How come THAT isn’t happening?

I’m fortunate to work from home. I can’t even deal with all the bullshit except on “off” hours and even that has some kind of dumb traffic nonstop now.

The universe has a way of balancing things out. Monsoons, storms, black plague…wiping the slate clean. 5 mass extinctions. The earth will stand. It’s inhabitants will not. We refuse to learn this lesson, but those who heed it do tend to find the rest of the people to be
f–king retarded and intolerable. I think I speak for everyone who takes measures to be eco-friendly on this.

When they’re finding pieces of plastic in bottom-feeding sea life at the deepest part of the sea, there’s a f–king issue. When the beach on the east coast of Canada my uncle used to visit as a kid no longer exists due to water – melted ice, there’s an issue. It’s hot. OK? It’s f–king hot. Floods, poisoned water, bacteria, dead sea life (food)…even our (endangered) local wild cats are paralyzed due to toxins right now.

Done ranting and I don’t feel better about it. My heart breaks for those in the Bahamas and I’m worn down from being scared (terrified – in a life or death way) of weather. From wondering how much I have to haul inside, if they’ll be elec or water this week…if I’ll have a roof or windows…if my friends or pets will survive. And if it’s not me, I am terrified for others. Then, I’m terrified at my property insurance bill, because we all pay when any area is hit in the state. Like our healthcare, it’s socialized (but without the immediate benefits.) We all pay in to cover those who need…just like when someone needs a half-million dollars worth of cancer treatments or heart surgery, we all pay for it collectively. Survival frightened is a whole different kind of scared. I know many of you now know that feeling as well. Why aren’t we doing MORE? It’s up to us now. We can’t depend on government to do much and need to realize this. If you have kids, it’s your DUTY and OBLIGATION to live clean, recycle (correctly, because there’s a right and wrong way, so learn it) and your duty to ensure the world is good for them. Teach them.
I don’t have kids. I don’t know why I give a f–k about your kids or your future if you don’t. Oh, right. No beach. I live near the water and can’t use it. That’s why I care.

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