AEW getting criticism for incident involving Cody’s dog Pharaoh at All Out

Sep 1, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

All Elite Wrestling is getting flack for hitting the fireworks so close to Cody’s dog Pharaoh which actually scared the dog so much that it did not want to go out through the tunnel.

As Cody was at the top of the ramp for his entrance, his wife Brandi was holding Pharaoh on a leash along with Diamond Dallas Page and MJF inside one of the two tunnels. Once the fireworks hit, including the loud mortars, the dog freaked out and was trying to head back while the three in the tunnel were trying to calm it down. Eventually, Brandi walked out with Pharaoh who was visibly shaken from what just went down.

Cody noted on Twitter that the dog is fine and the mortars should not have fired. “He got spooked just like with thunder. I’m glad he saw me though,” Cody wrote when replying to a question if the dog was okay.

AEW President Tony Khan also admitted in the post-show media scrum that they did a mistake with having the Siberian Husky close to the fireworks.

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