Source: WWE tried to trademark “Adam Cole”

Aug 31, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE tried to trademark “Adam Cole” but were unsuccessful in doing so.

PWInsider reports that earlier this month when attempting to trademark WWE stated that Cole never used the name prior to joining WWE, which was obviously false. They also tried to say he could never use it if he left WWE.

They sent this to the United States Patent and Trademark Office: “The Applicant would like to correct information that was provided in the previously filed response. Applicant wishes to advise the Examining Attorney that the “name” in the mark does indeed identify a stage name or professional nickname. Mr. Austin Jenkins that is referred to in the Examiner’s Office Action did actually use this fictional character name prior to working with Applicant and can use this name if he were to cease working with Applicant. Accordingly, attached to this response is the required Consent, which has been signed by Mr. Jenkins.”

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