Dean Malenko Praises Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero

Aug 31, 2019 - by James Walsh

During the discussion, Malenko did briefly discuss Chris Benoit. Not wanting to elaborate more on the Benoit family tragedy, Malenko stated that Benoit was a “very good friend” but that was “as far as I’ll go with it.” Also, Malenko praised Benoit’s abilities in the ring as being ahead of his time and one of the “best ever.”

Malenko also put over his former Radicalz stablemate, the late WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, stating, “Eddie Guerrero could be a face. Eddie could be a heel. He was special because he could do everything.” He had high praise for Rey Mysterio, who is still on the WWE roster to this day, saying that there “will never be another Rey Mysterio.”

Regarding his time in WWE, Dean Malenko discussed his transition into becoming an agent, which started in 2001 when his in-ring career was winding down. Pat Patterson was actually the one who asked him to become an agent for WWE. Additionally, he spoke about working for Vince McMahon. In fact, he only had positive things to say about working for McMahon, adding that Vince actually has a very “compassionate side” that few ever mention or talk about.

As for why Malenko ultimately quit WWE and joined AEW, the move was motivated for health reasons and being able to spend more time with his family, along with a lighter schedule.

Also, Malenko put over the AEW roster, noting, “It’s an exciting time for wrestling fans.” He listed Kenny Omega, MJF, and Darby Allin as AEW wrestlers he is currently keeping his eye on.

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