Awesome Kong Added To Casino Battle Royale At AEW All Out

Aug 28, 2019 - by James Walsh

All Elite Wrestling has announced that Awesome Kong has been added to the women’s Casino Battle Royal at AEW All Out. The match, which will be part of the Buy-In pre-show, will give the winner an opportunity to compete for the AEW Women’s title. Kong herself revealed the news in an interview with The New York Post. Here are highlights:

On being in the Casino Battle Royale: “I like records. (Laughs) I like breaking molds. I love making history and what not, so this is putting another notch on my belt, so to speak. Who wouldn’t want that?”

On joining AEW: “I love new things and I love when people take chances, especially because people took a chance on me at the beginning of my career where there were certain people that didn’t think [I] had the look to be successful in professional wrestling. I would never amount to anything in professional wrestling. So I was the kind of person that went against the grain so to speak. And I love it when people dare to do great things, and everyone at AEW is daring to do great things and I want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of that at the beginning. I don’t want to jump on the wagon afterward.”

On going head-to-head with NXT: “The promoters here were nice enough to inform me of that and I thought that was extremely interesting. Apparently it’s because of the growth of NXT, they decided to put it on Wednesdays. That’s the rumor. NXT is growing, therefore let’s put it on Wednesday nights. Interesting, the timing of that.”

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