More on Tony Schiavone’s Role in AEW

Aug 27, 2019 - by James Walsh

Despite being signed to a long term deal with AEW, Wrestling Observer Radio reports that the commentating team for AEW’s shows will still be Jim Ross, Goldenboy, and Excalibur. People believed that the three man team would be Tony Schiavone, Jim Rose, and Excalibur. Tony Schiavone will not be at most of the PPVs but is expected to be a part of television tapings in some capacity.

Schiavone has a lot of things during the week including the Atlanta Braves, University of Georgia football, and MLW. He won’t be available as often as the other recently hired commentators.

“He’s got a lot of stuff going on. But he will be doing a lot of producing. He will be doing some on-air stuff, like maybe backstage. There will be times when he’ll be doing play-by-play. Like, there may be times that they rotate people in and out. But the play by play team that they’re going with is the team from Fyter Fest.” – Dave Meltzer

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