NXT deal with USA Network leading to bigger paychecks for talent and profitability

Aug 22, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that the rumor going around is that all those under NXT deals will be “upgraded” to main roster deals, bringing in more money to everyone in NXT following the move to USA Network.

The difference between developmental and main roster deals is obviously wide so anyone who has been working hard down at NXT will finally get a big payoff thanks to moving to cable television. While no numbers have been published, it looks like that USA Network is giving WWE around $600,000 a week for NXT which translates to $30 million a year. It’s not known for how long USA Network is contractually obligated to air NXT on television but official numbers are expected to be made public in the next quarter earnings results.

NXT, as it is, has never been profitable for the company and developmental was always a money-losing machine but with the new deal it will be the first time that NXT will be profitable for WWE. The additional money will also give WWE more leverage when it comes to trying to sign up free agents or talent they deem to be worth investing in in the future.

As things stand, Meltzer also says that Triple H will continue to assume charge of the brand with little to no interference from the big boss. McMahon has largely stayed out of NXT apart from call-ups, something that doesn’t need to happen anymore since they’re on the same level as Raw and Smackdown now in terms of coverage.

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