Jim Ross discusses NXT moving to Wednesday nights on USA as AEW competition

Aug 22, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE Hall of Famer and AEW announcer Jim Ross discussed the new Wednesday night war between NXT and AEW during the latest episode of Grilling JR.

Ross said that he’s not surprised that Vince McMahon decided to move NXT off the Network and on to USA Network on the same night that AEW is on TNT…and not only that, but to launch it two weeks before AEW debuts. He said he worked closely with Vince for 25 years and he’s not one to lay back and see AEW grow independently and freely. “He feels threatened for some crazy reason and I think that’s interesting to me,” Ross said.

JR added that competition is good for everyone and they will be very happy to compete with AEW, noting that they knew it was going to be a competition from the very beginning and it’s not going to be an easy road. Ross alluded that in no meeting with AEW officials and AEW President Tony Khan it was ever mentioned that they’re gunning for WWE and the subject was “never brought up,” and blamed the comparison and “shots fired” news to the wrestling media online.

The former Raw announcer also said that Vince McMahon must be “aware and cautious” about All Elite Wrestling and he has to be considering he took off NXT from loyal subscribers to the WWE Network to cable television.

Despite the competition that they will give to WWE, Ross said that no one in the world is going to surpass WWE as the best sports entertainment company in the world, citing the big head start, infrastructure, and power in numbers. “But it’s irrelevant…the goal of AEW is to provide a great product to lapsed wrestling fans…among others, with an athletically-based old-school-oriented product. And to make – more importantly – a profit for the Khan family,” JR continued.

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