“There will be an announcement on Raw this Monday”

Aug 18, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Dave Meltzer confirmed what wrestlevotes reported yesterday about NXT moving to USA:

“There will be an announcement on Raw this Monday. HHH told NXT talent that “things are changing” and that he couldn’t tell them anything else because they didn’t want word to get out, but to “watch TV on Monday.”

HHH reportedly told the talent “I’ll see you on the 21st” of September, which Meltzer pointed is likely inaccurate since that is a Saturday. It may start airing on USA on the 25th, so that WWE can get the jump on AEW before they air on TNT on October 2nd Wednesday nights.

Vince McMahon is expected to be directly involved since he is adamant that they don’t lose in viewers. With FS1 it would have been a disadvantage since not every home has FS1 and TNT is a bigger station. But they think they would have a better shot of it not losing on USA and it’s better since wrestling fans are use to the USA network.

It will be Wednesdays 8-10. Gives them a higher profile and better advantage than being on FS1. But a show on the USA network Vince is NOT being hands off. If the show was just there he wouldn’t get involved but this is a war to him even though he won’t admit it. He feels years ago he didn’t take WCW serious and he left a crack open in the door for them to get in which they did.

But how much does this hurt the WWE network? NXT is one of the most watched shows on the service. The idea is still to tape every Wed LIVE at Full Sail which holds 400 people for now and not on the road. I don’t think it’ll be impossible to sell it out every week. But it’s one thing to tape a months worth of episodes in day then to film new episodes every Wednesday.”

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