CM Punk Involved in Fan Incident While Doing Commentary for CFC Event on UFC Fight Pass

Aug 17, 2019 - by James Walsh

Former WWE Superstar and UFC fighter CM Punk served as the color commentator for last night’s Cage Fury Fighting Championships 77 last night in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, it appears during the event, CM Punk was involved with a fan altercation that occurred close to cageside after the fight between Christopher Daukaus and Danny Holmes ended. The fight card aired live on UFC Fight Pass. A clip of the incident surfaced on YouTube, which you can see HERE.

Chirstopher Daukaus vs. Danny Holmes ended in a quick first-round stoppage victory for Daukaus. This apparently drew the ire of a Danny Holmes fan in the crowd. During the broadcast, CM Punk can be heard saying while still on headset, “Bro, you need to back the f*** up! You need to get the f***—” It then sounds like Punk removed his headset.

Punk’s broadcast partner, John Morgan then stated, “Well, minor situation developing here. There was a gentleman that was right on the back of my broadcast partner here, and looks like he’s now being potentially escorted out of the building.” Based on Morgan’s description, it sounds like one of Holmes’ fans or supporters was unhappy over the stoppage and got unruly.

Morgan added that some of Holmes’ supporters appeared to be approaching Punk and a “green-shirted gentleman” was heard yelling quite a few f-bombs. He stated: “Certainly unhappy was Danny Holmes and some of his supporters as well. Got a little bit of a developing situation here. I think security is trying to get everything settled. I see some of Danny Holmes’ supporters were not happy. I think they were actually approaching my partner here, Mr. CM Punk, and that was of course the green-shirted gentleman you may have heard earlier yelling quite a few f-bombs over and over and over. Trying to get order restored from these gentleman.”

CM Punk could then be heard speaking to Caged Fury officials while he returns to headset. He then stated, “I’m sitting here with an IFB and a headset and I’m doing my f***ing job, and he did exactly what you’re doing right now. He screams bulls*** in my face, and I — [noise heard].”

Punk did continue calling the rest of the fight card. He posted the following tweet before the main event fight on the card.

“It’s been a wild night! Main event time!”

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