Becky Lynch Says “If You Can’t Hacket, Get Your Jacket”

Aug 16, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Fightful recently interviewed WWE Superstar and Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch. Lynch spoke about empowering her fans and supporters and her philosophy for her career. Regarding her fights on social media drama, she said, “If you can’t hack it, get your freaking jacket!” Below are some comments via Fightful.

Lynch on being there for her supporters: “Yeah. The way that I look at it, I will fight my enemies, but I’m there for my supporters. If I can inspire a little girl or anybody for that matter that has supported me along the journey, then I appreciate it. But if you come at me, expect to get your head chewed off.”

Lynch on her approach in wrestling and on social media and if there are hurt feelings backstage over her statements: “Nothing but work gets done here. If anybody realizes what I’m doing, I think they’d send me a bouquet of flowers. I’m trying to get people interested, I’m trying to get people to care about women’s wrestling more than they have in decades, or ever. That’s what I’m doing. If I have to step outside the lines to get that done, and people understand that, then that’s great. Let’s all make more money. Let’s all be the main event of WrestleMania…or…OR…we can go back to sitting in the back, brushing each other’s hair, supporting each other, telling each other how great we are and ‘oh, oh, isn’t this wonderful.’ We’re in the fight business! The conflict business! It’s all about conflict, we’re selling conflict. People need to understand that! I’m going to be standing out there, ready to fight anyone, any time.”

Becky Lynch on her fights on social media and if she picks or ends them: “Well, sometimes I do, and then I think ‘ah, if you’re going to make this much of a drama of it, I’m not going to give you attention. I’m not going to let you step to the man. I’m not going to let you want to be a main event.’ If you can’t hack it, get your freaking jacket! Because that’s the thing. I’m trying to pick fights here and there, and then people just can’t handle it. And then I’m like, ‘Okay. Alright. Onto the next. Onto the next. Who else wants to make money with me? Who else wants to make money with the champ?”

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