Strowman reveals the length of his new WWE contract

Aug 14, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Braun Strowman reveals in recent interview he has signed with WWE for 4 more years.

Braun Strowman recently spoke to The Gorilla Position. During the interview, Strowman went in-depth on why he thinks the WWE hasn’t booked him to win the WWE or Universal Championships yet despite close calls in the past.

“The powers that be aren’t ready for [me to be Universal Champion],” Braun said. “One of the biggest things is that I’m running out of opponents; I’ve beat everybody. That’s the biggest thing, I feel like. Where we’re at right now, we’re trying to get some other guys more established because, let’s be for real, not everybody can match up to what I’ve done and what I’m capable of doing. So I feel like that’s part of the biggest thing – just timing-wise, everything happens for a reason in this business. Everything that you [see] going on right now has literally been in works for a year, two years already. So we plan so far ahead.

“Honestly, as well, I don’t feel like where I’m at with my character [gives him reason to] need a title,” Strowman continued. “I get some, if not the, biggest reactions when I come out anywhere in the world with just me. And a title, without a doubt, is what I want to hold. The Universal Title is the most prestigious thing in the WWE – absolutely, to represent the company in that way [would be great]. But if I don’t need it, I don’t need it.”

Strowman believes that once his time finally comes to hold a major title in WWE, it will be all the sweeter because of the delayed process. He noted how his recent four-year contract gives him plenty of time to position himself back into the Universal or WWE title picture.

“[It will be much more special] not just for me but for my fans because I see it day in and day out, and I appreciate the love that I get,” Strowman said. “And I know you guys are frustrated but don’t be frustrated. I’m here for the long haul. I just signed four more years. Like, when it happens guys, it’s going to be unbelievable for all of us. We’re all going to celebrate together and it’s going to be great.”


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